World’s Biggest Video Contest FAIL

Biggest Video Contest 2011 FAIL!
Biggest Video Contest 2011 FAIL!

We all know how much Troy R James likes to call himself a viral marketer, however, where’s the actual PROOF?

The only place you’ll find confirmation Troy is a viral marketer is ONLY in his own press releases!

Have you actually seen any proof, confirmation or evidence of his marketing abilities that hasn’t been a paid press release, or is perhaps from one of his ‘JV Partners’, or other ‘associates’?  – Troy’s own website is a pretty dismal reference for a viral marketer, there’s NOT ONE reference or example of his work showcased.  Google+ doesn’t do much better for him, and despite his claims, the Troy R James You Tube channel is laughable, with a mere 1700 odd subscribers in 10 years.

All quite laughable, when you consider the ‘viral marketing’ claims he makes!

Once again, we’re just pointing out the TRUTH surrounding Troys’ OWN viral marketing claims – Surely the fact that these claims aren’t actually backed up by ANY VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE that he can provide must call his claims into question?  If he’s been a viral, guerilla marketer to the rich and famous as per his press releases for 20+ years, perhaps he forgot to mention his World’s Biggest Video Contest FAIL in 2011?

Surely a viral video contest, with a prize pool potentially in the millions (lol yeah, right! 😉  ), would create a buzz across the internet marketing world?  NOT if Troy is running it!  LMAO

Here’s the World’s Biggest Video Contest promotion page from 2011.



This  Contest Will Be The Biggest Video Competition in Our History.

The Contest Commenced on Tuesday, April 19th at 5pm and Will Finish Sunday, July 17th, 2011.

Prizes Will Be Awarded on Friday, July 22nd @ 5pm Via Video.

All Videos Will be Available for Viewing at…

The Prize Winnings Will Be Awarded by the Following…

1st Prize- 50% of the Prize Pool

2nd Prize- 30% of the Prize Pool

3rd Prize- 15% of the Prize Pool

4th Prize- 10% of the Prize Pool

5th Prize- 5% of the Prize Pool


$1000 Will Be Awarded to The Website That Brought the Most Attention to This Contest!

Judging is Based Upon the Quality of Content in the Videos, Originality, # of Video Views and # of ‘Likes’

The Official Prize Pool Starts at $1000.00 CAD

Weekly The Prize Pool Will Increase by Two Ways Fast…

Find Out How This Prize Pool Could Possibly Reach Into The Millions,

By Signing Up Below For All The Contest Rules!

Tell your friends…

Pass the word on…

Message your favorite YouTuber’s and Tell Them to Get Involved.

The More Contestants, The Higher Potential For A Massive Prize Pool!

If you have never even used a camera, video software, a webcam or any video creating devices…

Don’t Worry!

Troy James Will be Releasing a Highly Insightful Viral Video Course

on How-To

Create Captivating Videos

How to Create Your Own Channel

How to Upload Your Videos

How to Add Effects

How to Market Your Videos to Go Viral


How to Make Money from Your Videos!

Only the Individuals Who Have Signed Up Below Will Gain Access to this Once in a Life-Time Course Offer!

So Sign Up Below and Confirm the Email That Was Sent to Your Inbox

The Rules and Details Will Be Sent to You.

Good Luck!



And the results of  Troy R James’  ‘The World’s Biggest Video Contest’?

JUST FOUR SUBSCRIBERS, & NOT ONE SINGLE VIDEO ENTRY in the three months the ‘competition’ was open!  YEP, you guessed it, totally viral as per Troy’s usual marketing performance!  😀

Absolutely NO ONE entered. Even the 18 comments on the video are from fake, related profiles. SAD BUT TRUE.  Anybody can pay a Fiverr gig to get You Tube video views, so we’re guessing that as no one actually entered the competition, and ALL the comments are from fake, related You Tube accounts, the 20k odd video views are about as credible as Troy’s viral marketing abilities.

More truth about Troy’s viral marketing expertise, as it happens in the real world.  You can check out the original World’s Biggest Video Contest FAIL YouTube page, with 20,918 total views in over 5 years.


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  1. Con-artists are meant to be good with numbers but this Troy R James egg can’t even add up to 100%. Why do his prizes pay out 110%?

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