Who is TJL Holdings INC?

TJL Holdings - Troy R James signature
TJL Holdings - Troy James signature

TJL Holdings INC. seems to be the new ‘company’ name that Troy R James has just started using for his latest ventures.

We’re guessing his previous business / trading names, such as Green Chum, Blackcreek Media & Consulting and E-conomyware have all outlived their usefulness by now, as Troy seems to change trading identities roughly every three years. (Translated as people have probably tracked him down again lol).

Troy’s latest NDA has appeared online this month, detailing the TJL Holdings INC company name, his own name (which is false anyway!), along with his ‘Affluence Network’ program. (which people have already paid thousands into.)   🙁

Here’s a taster of Troy’s / TJL Holdings’  latest NDA info

T.J.L. Holdings, Inc. (“TJL”), including its principal Troy James (“James”) and all affiliated programs of James and/or TJL, including but not limited to the Affluence Network Program.

Of course, the NDA is missing any actual information to make it legal, such as ‘company’ address or registration / incorporation  number.  Troy’s ACTUAL, LEGAL NAME, or any address details are nowhere to be seen.  Unsurprisingly, there’s no contact phone number, either.

That now makes a total of FOUR business / trading names that Troy has used since 2007, that we are aware of, anyway. You have to seriously wonder why a self-proclaimed, supposedly successful business person would need to change company names so often?

The only verifiable TJL Holdings (Company number: C3761343) was incorporated in California a while ago, in early 2015  and is unrelated to Troy James.

We have to ask:  Is this perhaps another hint of fraudulent activity by Mr Troy R James, by making up yet another bogus company name?

Judging from past experiences, it’s certainly time for another change in ‘identities’ for Troy.  😉

As we have been unable to verify that TJL Holdings INC is a new, LEGAL entity under Troy’s control,  perhaps someone else can, in order to remove any suspicion surrounding this new (alleged)  company, or any possible fraudulent dealings.

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