WARNING! Troy R James is scamming again!

Troy R James Exposed cautions YOU to be aware of this serial fraudster, along with his “business partner” Jeremy Smith, aka Jack Topper and other various ‘JV Partners’.

* WARNING *  Troy Hogg, aka Troy R James is on the SCAM path again!

We’ll take this opportunity to remind everyone of the fact that Troy R James HAS NOT launched ANY of his promised software OR courses in several YEARS, yet he still regularly takes payment (most recently via his latest ‘partner in crime’ Jeremy Smith, aka Jack Topper via Authorize.net).

FACT:  Troy R James (Troy Richard James Hogg) this year has had his bank account, PayPal AND JV Zoo accounts cancelled after investigations.

That HAS to ring alarm bells about Troy R James, Right?

Here’s the latest email from Troy R James, sent today.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you lol.


Hey there, long time no talk.

I have been off for a number of weeks dealing with some health issues
but all is good.

I have been presented by a very, very interesting opportunity that I am
passing along to you.

If you have a list that follows you and you want to make the easiest 5, 6 or
even 7 figures annually on auto-pilot from just a couple of weeks effort,
please email me.

This is in a massive trending market and shows no signs of slowing down.

Email me at [email protected]

Thanks! Happy Monday.
Cheers, Troy


Obviously, as always, Troy won’t be able to provide any actual, GENUINE proof of income for his amazing ‘deals’.

Instead of coming up with more fraudulent schemes, we ask why Troy won’t refund people, as per his promises last year.

  We call:  MORE Troy R James BULLSHIT, so beware!

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