Troy R James’ website is a joke for a Viral Marketer – More Truth!

Troy R James is certainly NOT a viral marketer!
Troy R James just one website post lol

With Troy R James being such a viral marketer, well, in his own mind anyway, as we certainly haven’t found any actual PROOF of his claimed viral marketing skills – you’d think Troy James would at least have a decent website to showcase his claimed awesome marketing abilities, wouldn’t you?

Have you viewed the Troy R James website? – There’s NO content!

How can someone claiming to be a viral marketer to the supposed rich and famous seriously expect to do business online without a proper web presence?

As you can currently see, all of Troy R James’ viral marketing abilities and successes are clearly detailed on his website.  😉

Troy R James website listing his successes.
Troy R James website listing his successes.

There’s no way to contact Troy R James from his website, no viral marketing testimonials and certainly nothing to indicate he has ever accomplished a successful software launch. – Again, certainly no surprise that Mr Troy R James can’t be contacted.

So, we’ll leave it to you to decide if Troy R James is someone that you want to trust and do business with, based on his comprehensive website.


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