Troy R James Update June 2014

Troy R James 2014 email update FAIL.
Troy R James June 2014 email update FAIL.

You can find detailed below an email update Troy R James sent out over  TWO years ago, on 17 June, 2014.

Perhaps the only thing that mightn’t look familiar is “Viral Re-targeting Profits”, which Troy later renamed to Viral Retargeting Mastery, or VRM.  Of course, VRM is still yet to be launched, over two years after this email.

That’s at least 282 people that bought into Troy’s promises, and have received NOTHING.

Troy R James lists ten different “products” in this email.  NOT ONE  of these promised products has been delivered as at the end of June, 2016.  Is it any wonder people are continuously chasing Troy for refunds, YEARS LATER.

Don’t forget, ALL of these products were already well overdue when this email was sent in June 2014.

[Long Awaited Updates] The details within.

Troy R. James [email protected] via


**Important Update**

Hey there, long time no chat!
I wanted everyone to know about all the great stuff we have coming up and
to bring everyone up to speed on the past stuff because there is a lot of
BIG news going forward from here!

1.) Viral Re-targeting Profits  – Probably the most intense course I have
created to date that will deliver results like no bodies business. Re-targeting
is not for just recycling site drifters, it’s a tool for mass wealth creation. If
you want to learn more about re-targeting or think you know all there is to
know about re-targeting, I will surprise you. That I know for fact and it
is my personal promise of over delivering in a large way!  😉

Inside I reveal how you can get all the re-targeting ads at a fraction of
any other network you may know about and a ton of sneaky details on the
new way to market and beat all your competition where they are standing.
The details on the launch will be released by Friday. (And remember I
asked you and others to JV partner on a product launch with me.
282 people did in fact do this and this is it!)

2.) *Life-Time Hosting – Never has a major hosting brand come out and
offered a one low life-time payment fee plan for a dedicated server or
shared hosting package… Until Now!

Very good associates of mine have acquired a major hosting company and
they requested my marketing assistance along with my team’s technical
knowledge. In part of my negotiations I bargained all of my customers in
on a limited time hosting offer that lasts for the life of the company.

This is one of the major companies, I assure you and why not eliminate
one of your largest recurring bills every month with a life-time hosting plan.
This is a limited time offer on a first come first served basis. I will be
releasing the details to this offer opening Wednesday evening and
interested parties MUST sign an NDA to hear all about it.
Complete transparency.

3.) Facebook softwares and the Software Clubs – With the slap heard
around the World in the developers community from Facebook a lot of
developers have decided to walk away from Fb all together. After a long
hard look at everything we decided we would take a different approach.
Yes, in the terms of Facebook app development, we are indeed done, but…
We are updating ALL of our 163 existing softwares which are actually
moving along quite well. This includes all the softwares for the software
clubs. We have decided that we will blend both software membership clubs
together and make just one irresistible offer of over 100 marketing related
softwares for a decent price.

Now, we will continue to develop with the Facebook system but only on their
long in and permissions based geo-locate features in our mobile application

4.) *Massive News – Mobile still isn’t all the rage yet but it sure is
coming and we are more than ready! We will be unveiling a few mobile
systems that certainly have the shock and awe factor. I will not release
too much information on these yet but let’s just say these are some of the
best softwares to ever be released to the IM space ever. The first one is a
spin off idea of Passbook but I can guarantee you you didn’t see this one
coming what so ever.

Between mobile coupons, mobile games and mobile marketing…
We’ve got you covered!

Stay Tuned for Big News on this early next week.

5.) SoCool – After two long years in the planning and development we will
be releasing details on the SoCool tool next week.

6.) QR CODE APP – If you are on the list for this, you know who you are.
Get in touch with me ASAP.

7.) Custom Arcade Theme – You know who you are, get in touch.

8.) WayCool Tool distributors – Get in touch with me.

9.) Fire Publishing Deal – Get in touch with me.

10.) Post Carders – Get in touch with me.

On top of this we have just a ton of products, softwares and JV partnership
deals we developed to show all you fine folks.

I find I feel a lot better after taking two weeks away from Facebook
non-stop and was able to catch up on a lot. I figure I will respond to
everyone’s questions over the next 2 – 3 days and take another week off
from Fb so that we are completely caught up and have nothing left to
stress about.

At that point it will all be just answering questions for everyone. I hope you
are having great success in everything you are doing and I look forward to
sharing all these details as they are complete game changers. I apologize
for being a bit vague on the software details but as we all know there have
been quite a few copy cats to my earlier stuff and the element of surprise
always works better I found lately.

Message me through Facebook if you are on my list to get in touch or
have questions. I will be responding to everyone over the next three days
starting tomorrow morning.

Have a great day and I’m super pumped to be sharing all this goodness
with all of you. 😉

Cheers,  TJ

Powered by:
Matt Huggins, 161 Bay St., M5J 2S4, Toronto, Canada


And still, two years later, Troy R James is using the “Matt Huggins” email sign off.

Ok. so NOTHING has changed in OVER two years, it’s still the same lies and broken promises.  How many people do you think Troy R James has managed to take money from, if there is, as per Troy’s own confirmation, 282 people involved in just one product alone?  ie: Viral Retargeting Mastery.

Oh Dear, the numbers do start to add up, don’t they?   🙁


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