Troy Hogg aka Troy R James and Gala Hospitality Canada

Troy Hogg aka Troy R James Gala Hospitality
Troy Hogg aka Troy R James Gala Hospitality

Troy R James has often spoken about his ‘nightclub’ days.  However, Troy fails to mention it was when he still used his proper name, Troy Hogg.  (OK, Troy Richard James Hogg, for those of you out there that want us to remain precise 😉 ). He also excludes the fact they weren’t actually his clubs lol.

So, the nightclubs Troy R James refers to are Adult Entertainment, or strip clubs.  Does that mean his alleged “guerilla marketing skills” consists of  handing out free-entry flyers to a titty bar?  LMAO

We thought we’d highlight a couple of points from the SEC quarterly report from March 31, 2002 for Gala Hospitality  (GLAH).

More background information on Troy Hogg err we mean James


“Gala Hospitality Corporation has completed negotiation to launch Gala Hospitality of Canada (Gala Canada). The model of this business is to follow that of Gala Hospitality Corporation. Gala Canada will commence business in the Greater Toronto Area. Gala Canada will bring one more idea to our model, i.e., to start-up or roll-up Super Night Clubs, the equivalent of a “disco” in the United States, throughout Canada. The major “hubs” in Canada are Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Winnipeg. The collective populations for these areas is greater than 12 million people.

Under the leadership of Troy Hogg, Gala Canada is completing its first acquisition, Decadence. It will move Decadence to a new location near the Greater Toronto Airport. Mr. Hogg is currently laying the groundwork for a super night club in Toronto’s Entertainment District.”


“EMPLOYEES As a result of the above, we expect significant changes in the number
of employees, but at this point we are not able to accurately forecast that
number. We currently have three executives employed:

1. Jeffrey Stoller
2. Michael Heilman
3. Troy Hogg”


Remember:  Don Shaxton

“On April 15 and 26, 2002, we issued 500,000 S-8 shares and 1,575,000 S-8 shares respectively to Don Shaxon for consulting services for the launch and support of Gala Canada over the next two years.”


If you have the time, you can read the entire notes on the SEC website.

Here’s a Gala Hospitality Press Release:  MIAMI, April 22 2002 /PRNewswire-FirstCall

Gala Hospitality Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GLAH), a publicly-traded acquisition firm focusing in the $10 billion adult entertainment market, announces the launch of Gala Canada with the appointment of Troy Hogg. Mr. Hogg will drive Gala Canada’s vigorous acquisition and development program for adult clubs, super night clubs and other entertainment related businesses. Gala Canada will be based in Toronto.  Mr. Hogg will enhance Gala’s model by adding super night clubs throughout Canada to the formula. A super night club is one that provides more than 10,000 square feet and can accommodate better than 1,000 guests.
The major entertainment hubs in Canada are Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Winnipeg. The collective population for these areas is greater than 12 million people.
“Mr. Hogg brings significant experience and knowledge of the Canadian entertainment market to the Gala Family. We are confident that by the close of Gala’s FY 2003, Troy will achieve his goal of adding a strong package of super night clubs, adult cabarets, a major talent agency and adult novelty stores to the Gala label. We’re looking for the Canadian subsidiaries to generate approximately $15,000,000 Canadian in annualized revenue by the end of FY 2003. With Troy’s superior knowledge and background within the industry, I am confident in Gala Canada’s success,”  said Jeff Stoller,  President/CEO of Gala Hospitality.


And, if that wasn’t enough:

Troy Hogg, President, Gala Canada

Mr. Hogg is heading Gala Canada. He is responsible for opening Gala’s first two future clubs in Toronto: Decadence will be an adult club near the Greater Toronto Airport and Tilt will be a super nightclub in the Toronto Entertainment District. Mr. Hogg is an accomplished marketing and management consultant in the entertainment industry. He was also voted the president of a private investment group based in Toronto for 2002. [Oh Dear? ] His experience started in 1986 at a roadhouse restaurant as a busboy.  Read more on Silicon Investor…


We wonder how all the strip joints went featuring Troy Hogg / Troy R James marketing abilities?


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