Is Troy R James a Con Man?

Troy R James Rip OFF
What do YOU think of Troy R James?

As you’ve probably already gathered by the title of our website,  Troy R James Exposed,  this site intends to collate and expose the truth surrounding Mr Troy James’ past and indeed ongoing ‘ventures’.    We’d be interested to  hear YOUR opinion  on Troy’s proposals, or, as he calls them now,   Joint Venture (JV) Partnerships;    Are they all really an ‘unbelievable, limited opportunity’??   (LMAO),  or more smell like a


So, What is the definition of a Con Man?

One who gains the trust, or “confidence”, of his victims,  (often called marks),  in order to manipulate, steal from, or otherwise predate upon them.
Full Term: “Confidence Man“.
Sample use:  “Don’t send him PayPal, he’s a con man.”

We thought this was a good quote to sum up a conman too:

He could be a  “ con man ”….   Lying about or at least exaggerating his accomplishments.

So, if any of that may sound familiar, we’ll leave it up to you to decide in your own mind if:   Troy James is a conman,   as you further review our  Troy James Exposed website.  Let us know your thoughts.  😉


We wonder if Troy James will end up on this list of con men lol.

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