Did Troy R James ever send the Max Keiser silver coins?

Max Keiser Silver Coin
Max Keiser Silver Coin

While you’re seeking out the truth on Troy R James, you’re sure to stumble across the stories surrounding the Max Keiser silver coins, the problems,  ongoing excuses, extended delivery delays, non-communication, and of course, many reports of non-delivery.   Certainly, we have our own opinions here at Troy R James Exposed surrounding the whole situation, but we’d welcome some honest feedback from ANYONE caught up it the whole Max Keiser silver coins saga.  It has been called a scam, and even outright fraud on different websites by quite a few others, (We’ll provide further details & links in later posts), involving Bid Bullion, CatalystX Media, Black Creek Marketing and indeed Troy R James personally.  We’re looking forward to uncovering further facts soon.  😉

Did Troy R James ever deliver the silver coins?

Here’s a video from 14 March, 2011 where he is caught unexpectedly in a phone call.  We had to lol when Troy says he’d been ‘bombarded with phone calls’ after his mobile phone number was published.  Anybody got his number now? Hehe.

Here’s a screenshot of the video description and YouTube page’s stats, currently sitting on 2,191 views as this post is published. (That’s more viral than some of Troy’s marketing campaigns! lol)

Current video views stats
Current video views of Troy R James phone call.


Link to video here:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_yGGqaUN60

That’s it for now on the 2011 adventures of  Troy R James and the Max Keiser silver coins.

We’ll return soon to share some of the ‘reviews and opinions’ surrounding the silver coins debacle, which will allow you to discover the truth for yourself.  We remind you, as always, that we’re only collating and curating the publicly available information on Mr James, and trying our best to present it all in a truthful, orderly manner. (And the deeper you dig, the more there is!)

Your friend,

Troy James TRUTH.   😀

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