BlackCreek Media and Consulting – What happened to it?

BlackCreek Media and Consulting was the name Troy R James was ‘trading under’, or using between approx 2010 and 2013 (Before he needed to change email addresses, due to the number of people ‘chasing him’ (his words!), and started using the name e-CONomyware in mid/late 2013 & early 2014).   It’s interesting to note however, Troy was still actively using the ‘blackcreek’ email address, and a voicemail messaging service for registering domain names etc until at least late 2015, including domain names for his next ‘venture’, the Affluence Network. Haven’t heard of Troy’s Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Network yet?  You’re lucky so far, but stay tuned, as we’ll be unmasking that debacle that he started in 2015 in further posts.  😉

Black Creek Media (Troy James) was involved in the following ‘dealings’:

Bid Bullion, Catalyst X Media and the Max Keiser silver coins,

A  few quotes about Troy R James’ dealings as BlackCreek Media  follow:

It is unlikely silver keisers will become a standard of exchange since only a few were produced. The Territorial Mint said production had been stopped. Troy James, Jeremey Hillsdon, Bid Bullion, Blackcreek Marketing or whatever they are calling themselves are still accepting payments for “coins” and “shipping” but the SKs seem more like Zynga dollars that physical silver. Silver keisers exist more often as images online than in reality. The street address of Bid Bullion according to the Territorial Mint is 3-655 Wellington Road, London, Canada. It is a UPS storefront visible on google maps.”  –  Thomas, 15 March 2011.

I bought 5 silver Keisers in December and have yet to receive my purchase. I think this is a fraud. I have sent emails to them with no response. Phone calls to them just get a canned response. ” – Higgins 15 March 2011
Read more here.

3D Eye Solutions (Digital Signage)

You’ll love this January, 2010 press release!     …. Black Creek Media is a commercial-based, content-driven company focused on marketing top-level companies that require mass distribution. Black Creek plans to market and distribute 3D Eye’s cutting-edge 3D digital signage solution without glasses to shopping malls, hotels, sporting venues, individual retailers and casinos across Canada, and has already taken deposits for numerous installations……  ”  – Money never to be seen again, just like Troy’s usual practices, we’re guessing. lol

Here’s a small list of domain names registered under Blackcreek Media and Consulting.

You can also check out a list of some of the domain names Troy has registered using his ‘[email protected]’ email address on Website Informer.   – Just in case you want to steer clear of them too.  😉

Everything we’ve detailed here is true, and can be found publicly online. You can do your own research too, but we’ll be providing more details on Troy’s adventures and mis-deeds in further posts.

Do you have a ‘BlackCreek Media and Consulting’ experience you’d like to share  with us?  Please take a moment to comment below!

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