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Video Junkie sales page
Video Junkie sales page September 2014


At the end of September 2014, Internet Marketer Alex Jeffrey launched a new course, the Million Dollar Sales Video, which Troy James promoted.  As part of  his ‘promotion’, Troy offered his Video Junkie software as a free bonus for purchasing via his JV Zoo affiliate link (a common practice in internet marketing).

Troy never delivered the Video Junkie software as promised

Of course the Video Junkie software was never delivered, or launched within the next month as per the claims on the sales page. After all, what software has Troy R James actually managed to deliver or successfully launch in the last few years?  Seriously.

Troy’s failure to deliver his alleged video software as the bonus to the Alex Jeffrey course is no reflection on Alex, but rather typical of Mr James’ ongoing inability to deliver on his promises or deadlines.  We now know this is standard practice in Troy’s dubious dealings.

Here’s the original sales pitch from the video-junkie .com website;


From the Desk of Troy R. James

Hey there! Thanks for coming and seeing what this is all about.

Did you watch the video?

If you did you saw that we have created another cutting edge video tool that will be available on the open market in a month. This tool WILL NOT sell cheaply and you can pioneer it by clicking on the button below and grabbing a copy ofAlex Jeffreys’ new course, the Million Dollar Sales Video.

As you saw in the course what Alex is teaching is great solid content that every video marketer should have in their arsenal of knowledge.

Don’t hesitate because when Alex’s offer is gone, so is this amazing bonus software that WILL be sold for a lot more money. As soon as you buy Alex’s course, you will have instant download access via JVZoo and you can start on both right away!


Now, we’re not sure about you, but if we buy a software product, and are promised a bonus for buying, (ie: helping the affiliate marketer earn $$ money), we expect that first and foremost the bonus should be delivered, as and when it’s promised!

As you’ll read throughout this website’s pages, this is certainly not the first software product Troy R James has promised, but not delivered.

Here’s how Troy delivers products and treats his customers. The next page you land on, expecting the software bonus, is met with a 90 second ‘Oooppss! There’s no software!’ video, as shown below. Seems it was one of his more popular, viral videos, with 134 views at the time of writing. It’s also interesting that the ‘apology’ video was uploaded around the same time as the ‘sales’ video.



NOTE: We are still working through an issue with the uploading process of the software and it will be available first thing Saturday, October 4th. [2014]
We apologize for this inconvenience. Thanks for your patience!

We had a couple of issues with the software and only one developers working to get it completed. Please bookmark this page and come back Monday at 8pm EST to get your software download and alll the training required to start using it immediately.

I want to thank you again and let`s chat on Monday!

Cheers, Troy R. James
Video Junkie Extraordinaire

Video Junkie Non-Delivery Apology
Video Junkie Non-Delivery Apology

That about sums up the Troy R James Video Junkie software scam. 

Deadlines missed. Software Never Delivered.  No content or product in Member’s Area.  No further excuses or mentions. People deleted from groups if non-delivery raised.

We’re guessing (hoping!) Alex Jeffrey had no idea this was going on.  😉

Please remember, we’re not making this up, but just presenting the information, which Troy James himself has provided.   A glowing recommendation, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. Don’t forget in 2012 when he sold dozens of people his “Arbitrage App”… and collected hundreds each. Of course that was never refunded or released either.

    I laugh at the cult of followers he has who STILL send him $ today saying “investments don’t always pan out”. Or “start-ups fail sometimes”. Except there’s a huge different between investing in a product that is released then fails… and buying a product that was never made (or intended to be made) in the first place.


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