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Warrior Forum Truth about Troy James
Have a read of this review on Troy R James, there's no surprises. ;)

Troy R James has a number of, shall we say;  reviews / reports / testimonials about him and his Internet Marketing ‘dealings’ on The Warrior Forum, a popular, active Internet Marketing community.

Please remember, we’re only sharing these posts and information publicly posted on The Warrior Forum (WF) about Troy so that you know the truth about his previous dealings in the Internet Marketing space, in 2011 – 2012.   We certainly don’t want you to think Troy James’ way of doing business is representative of the team and people on WF.   After all, it seems exaggerated software / result claims are pretty quickly seen through, and called out on the Warrior Forum… Nice work guys, the truth shines!

“Truth be told, Troy R James didn’t last long on Warrior Forum, before his ‘sales pitch’ was discredited and he was exposed.”

Here’s a few comments on one of the ‘products’ Troy James tried to launch as a WSO on the Warrior Forum in February, 2012  – It’s the SAME SALES PITCH AS HE IS USING IN 2016,  with still no products delivered!!!!

I see PLR products sell for something around $17 and let’s say you sell 50 of those 50x$17 = $850 Subtract the fee and you are left with $553 which means that you can only launch and then bump 12 times for a profit of $33. That equals 4 sales for each bump. This is only for a PLR product launch to almost break even. I really don’t see how you can make money. Could you please elaborate.

I’m sorry but this doesn’t make much sense. As the poster above has mentioned you only have 4 posts so you can not have posted WSOs. So how can you say that your bumps bring in $2000? I’m a service provider myself on WF and I have never had that kind of cashflow from a bump nor have I heard anyone having that kind of profitable bump….   As I said before I have been interested in this area for a long time and have even created a site for my own PLR work. I have also studied many PLR WSOs and they rarely sell out.     –  Ehsan_am (Advanced Warrior)

I did lose $99 on this guy, he never delivered anything, not much money, but I want to put some press on this guy……”  –   expressen  (War Room Member)

Don’t buy anything off this guy [Troy R James], i gave him $2000 for a JV deal with him in January and the guy has not delivered and keeps coming up with reason why not to refund.    I have had to give him until after the weekend to get my money back before I have to inform the police.   –  thekaver  (War Room Member)

“Gosh, I haven’t received anything either from this guy [Troy R James].   NICE!!!!!   Colleen” 

–   60MinuteAffiliate  (Senior Warrior Member)

“I have given him  $1,600.00  for a joint venture and nothing. He no longer answers phone calls, e-mails, Skype etc.”  [Sound Familiar?!]  –  Discipled27  (Warrior Member)

And that’s just some of the honest comments and feedback on Troy R James in ONE Warrior Forum thread from 2012.   As you can see, there’s not much difference to the reviews Troy is receiving in 2015 – 2016,  four years later!

Obviously, with that sort of feedback, and people chasing him, no wonder Mr James hasn’t been back to the Warrior Forum for quite a few years lol.

Not game to go back ot Warrior Forum Troy?
Troy won’t show his face around Warrior Forum!

Again, we’ve just done a little research, and stress that this IS NOT representative of the business that goes on over at the Warrior Forum, as you can plainly see, Troy’s mischievous deeds didn’t wash with this IM community, he was quickly called out, and hasn’t returned.  –  The truth speaks for itself!

You can review Troy James’ launches, reviews and feedback on Warrior Forum if you want the truth here:

Troy R James Warrior Forum Complaints
More Warrior Forum Complaints

So there you have it, 18 months after launching products, people were still complaining about being ripped off in JV Partnership deals by Mr James!    Some honest reviews of Troy James on the Warrior Forum, they certainly make for interesting reading, we wish we’d seen them before our experiences.  Remember, we’re just collating public information and reporting the truth, not making this up.  Hopefully this will give you a greater understanding of the time-frame of dubious dealings, that’s since 2011 so far, stay tuned for more unveiling soon.  😉

If YOU would like to share your experiences, you can Contact Troy R James Exposed to share your story confidentially.

Perhaps this post will inspire some comments, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.  😀

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