Troy R James Mass Update November 2015 FAIL

Where did the money go Troy R James and Jack Topper?
What are Troy R James and Jack Topper really financing THIS time?

Troy R James made his Internet Marketing swan song on 17 November 2015.  This was (LMAO) to be Troy’s last, set in stone, never-to-be-repeated, not-to-be-missed, FINAL  JV Partnership offer, a share in 27 software products in conjunction with Jack Topper.

The cost was a mere $2,400.00 per share, with only $600.00 down!

Jack Topper was only too eager to take the multiple $600.00 payments on Troy R James’ behalf.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what actually happened to the money Troy and Jack received on their  ’27 Product JV Partnership offer’, as certainly no products have been delivered as promised. – The launch calendar was from November 2015 – January 2016.

Here’s the original Troy R James offer from November 2015.  We’ve condensed the original video, so you just get the important bits from Troy.  😉

We will list the software products and associated JV Partners separately, and also provide comment on Troy’s launch list in additional posts.  Please see the bottom of this article for further updates and reviews in relation to Troy R James and Jack Topper’s non-delivery of 27 software products.



And I Have Some News I Want to Share With Everyone…

This includes an offer, the update and a personal announcement. Please Watch!

YES! It’s True. I’m Moving on but Not Out…


From the Desk of Troy James

I have spent a long time in this marketplace and had some great successes and met a lot of amazing people that I am happy to call friends, even family but there comes a time when you have to recognize when it is time to move on and spread your wings. This last period of what I went through was a true wake up call on many levels.

    1. The fact that anything can be spun in a negative way on the web and you have to fight to prove yourself and pay thousands to have it legally removed.
    1. The long hours have been heavily paying on my health for years.
    1. I hate PayPal and to stay in this marketplace you have to rely on them.
    1. No matter what you do online if you are in the limelight there are always going to be haters and negativity. I try to live by the motto that negativity doesn’t live here but it’s hard to ignore or battle when scenarios hit you that everything you say is twisted in a negative way.
    1. I’m tired of always missing deadlines. You are only as strong as your weakest link.
    1. I have my fingers in too many pies.
    1. I need to spend more quality time with my family.

I have debated this for over two months now and the truth is this style of business takes a lot of work to develop cutting edge products and maintain them along with keep your social appearance up, avoid hackers, deal with haters, manage support 24/7, cover all expenses/ operating costs and if you want to grow you have to have extensive staff all which costs a lot of money and costs a lot of time to do it all properly. This is all not saying I am throwing in the towel! I’m not going anywhere!

I will be the first one to say I have dropped the ball on things myself a few times because I didn’t expect the unexpected so I have made some career changing decisions but I’m not going far!

To Your Benefit!

Over the past 2.5 years I have made some crazy discoveries with my marketing business that I think I can automate in a service type monthly business for one and most of you know that I have had a passion for a large number of years to help people in a BIG way and I have been building the Affluence Network to do that. At the end of February when all of these 78 products have been released I will be taking a month off and then coming back to focus on the SaaS side of my business with enterprise level softwares and AN.

So in short, my staff, support and developers are still going to be with me but we are developing larger products that won’t require as much attention to deadlines and the day to day that this marketplace requires.

What this means is the following…

I don’t think anyone has pulled off 78 product launches over a three month period of back to back launches but I am going to attempt it. Not all of them will launch in my own name obviously as you saw above so it should be pretty manageable.
I have a team assembled that will take care of tech support via computer chat and a telephone tech support service that will handle live calls.

The above products will all, except a few, be launched in my student’s names.
Every one of them was designed and built by my team of developers and 90% of the training has been created by me.

I think when you see the amount of effort that has gone into each and every one of these products you will understand the magnitude of why everything took so long and cost so much. Take for example the logos alone above. Each one of those cost $115 on average and that’s just the silly little logos! Sales funnels range from $800 to $7,000 and several of you can contest to that. We haven’t gotten into the actual cost of the softwares, testing case studies, banner graphics, Paid JV recruitment ads, staff costs, etc.

It’s hard for anyone to understand the sheer size and time restraints it takes to do these things, but then there is bugs! Oh the bugs and upgrade delays!!! UGH!

All in all no matter how much I wanted to help people the delays hurt and pissed off some people and that hurts me. So the focus is GET THE DAMN PRODUCTS OUT!!!

I know and many of you that are close to me knows that I would never scam someone or purposely try to harm them in any way. I want nothing but the best for everyone and that is what I am about to prove out in the absolute BIGGEST WAY POSSIBLE!

I will prove that I am the man I say I am and after all the product delays were the direct reflection of what sparked the negativity. So there is a few things that will be occurring…

    1. Finalize all outstanding refunds and have them paid no later than Wednesday, November 25th and confirm with those people.
    1. Pre-Launching Syndinar to mass audiences in all kinds of different niches that it will appeal too.
    1. Launching all the 78 products until the end of February.
    1. Deliver all the undelivered products and training by February 28th in FULL.
    1. Have accountants pay JV partners every 30 days on the last Friday of every month for the next 3 years.
    1. Support all my products and softwares until March 1st, 2017 even if I sell out of them.
    1. Post all JV’d products on Udemy, get them approved and selling!
    1. Complete the Affluence Network with my team.

So before I get into the other launch details let’s discuss what I plan on doing here!

First off I have a lot to prove, A LOT! And I fully intend on blowing the roof off of these launches. I will not focus on the IM space entire to rely on these sales as it is actually a much smaller space than what most perceive.

I will be focused on each product individually and who it will appeal too in order to capture leads and drive large sales numbers. I WILL leave this marketplace with a good name if it kills me!!!

Although JV help will be greatly appreciated and everyone can earn from what I released in the launch manual by following it, I have a lot more to prove and I plan on it!

As previously mentioned I am offering my last JV positions in 26 of the products above. They will have the statement below saying this;

Is this Included in the Last JV Offer? Yes

As you can see for each product the price, the commission structure and the upsells and downsells. Unlike any other JV partnership I offered, ALL of this will be included!

The cost to get involved is $2,400 with only $600 down and balance coming from the first sales of these products so the room for a very large return is there.

Call me NUTS if you wish but I plan on driving 31,000 sales of each and every product between JVZoo, Doing Syndinars for each product and then on UDemy over the next 12 months. You do the math.

No one has ever done this and I think the combination of 78 back to back product launches and driving this number of sales to each will solidify who I really am and my abilities. Paying out all the partners will be my sweetest reward because again that proves the integrity of this man and prove the negativity wrong once and for all! I WILL DO THIS!

If you really think about it, this is not a difficult thing provided that attention is focused on these 78 products which is all handled by paid ads and organic viral campaigns. Lots of online products and services have done this time and time again and this will be no different.

The largest reason for doing this though is to reward you all for sticking with me and being my second family.

This is not good bye, it is just time to get the job done and move on to AN without as many distractions.


      1. The Day Before each product is released my team will add you to the member’s area for each product for the listed products above marked with Is this Included in the Last JV Offer? Yes
      1. You Get Access to the Softwares, All the Training and the Upsells! Nothing will be left out that the customers get that pay full price on launch date. You get the same value at an extreme discount.
      1. You Get One Year Full Support and Updates Included! No matter what happens my team and I will honour one year full support and updates to all the softwares and products above.
      1. YOU GET 0.5% of ALL the Products and their upsells for life! Commissions paid every 30 days by invoice.



Due to a problems with the payment processor, the offer has been extended 24 hrs.


$600 DOWN NOW and Balance from Initial



Troy R James and Jack Topper LTD UNDELIVERED software
Troy R James and Jack Topper LTD UNDELIVERED software payment plan $600 down

Please Note:  Your credit card statement will show Jack Topper Ltd


Q. How will support be handled if you are leaving the business?
A. I am leaving the product launch scene and focusing on larger enterprise type softwares. My new support desk that was recently formed with my partnering companies will still maintain the softwares for at least a year minimum and all updates that may be required will still be handled from my development teams.

Q. I heard you have had delays in the past with products?
A. Yes, that is true but we have spent a lot of time and money developing these products and sales funnels so these announced dates will be dedicated to releasing on time and the students names I will be launching with are keeping my team and I pressed to those dates so that you can have your access on time as well without further delays.

Q. Some of these products look like they may have been done already by the descriptions?
A. I did take my time perfecting these and yes some competing products did come out that sound similar in some aspects but I live by a motto and that is “Always build the better mouse trap!” All these products are second to none and serve an extreme purpose in any digital business plus there is good training for best uses.

Q. Will you be sharing your future products and developments with your lists still?
A. Some of them, yes.

Q. You mentioned that there was 78 products but only 35 listed, why don’t we get to see all of them?
A. The other products are either some that have cost me an arm and a leg and I want to wait until the new year to release or they are in their final stages of completion. I hope you understand.

Q. Will we get to see those other products?
A. Absolutely!

Q. Will we get a chance to buy in on those other products?
A. No. This is the very last JV offer. Those are more geared for my SaaS business and will stay property of the company.

Q. Every product comes with an upsell or two usually, are those included?
A. Yes. We will give access to those as well.

Q. Will you be selling out of your percentage of ownership in each of the products?
A. It has been in the thoughts but hadn’t focused on it until everything is released on Udemy.

Have more questions?
Email me at: [email protected]


Custom Courses – Over the next three weeks I will be releasing all the custom courses starting Monday.

Udemy Power Group – The first 12 courses will be released before Christmas and the rest in early March thru April after all the product launches. I will be dividing my percentage in all these courses amongst the buyers of the group.

UAF – If you are a current UAF member, please email me at: [email protected]

Azon Elite Course – So far this course is completed half way. There is a lot I want to add to this and I suspect I will be completed in Early February.

Video Card Business – This is my pride and joy. I have 7 proto types to view now and will be making my decisions soon. I must revisit China to see these in person to make final decisions and negotiations. The video brochures have a lot of competing patents that were introduced to us by a member of our elite group but we will be filing many of our own on items and designs not yet released to the public. This is a very sensitive topic and very careful decisions are being made for this venture. The custom design system is done and being tested.

Have more questions?
Email me at: [email protected]


How did Troy R James and Jack Topper fare with their promised November 2015 software launches we hear you ask?

Guess What?!   Not ONE product has been successfully launched or delivered.  (Has ANYONE actually used the software??)

Has anyone seen the training videos, or joined the member areas?  We seriously doubt it, but would LOVE to be proven wrong, if anyone can show us otherwise!

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