$100k in 30 Days Undelivered Troy R James IM Course July 2015

Troy R James 100k in 30 Days
Troy R James 100k in 30 Days Internet Marketing Course

We like to think of our selves as quite reasonable here at Troy R James Exposed.  That’s why we’ve left it for over a full year to speak out about the $100k in 30 Days Internet Marketing course Troy R James promoted at the end of July, 2015.

Troy R James,  your “Week Long Course” launched on 28 July 2015  is now OFFICIALLY UNDELIVERED for over 12 months!

Quite simply, a complete, presentable course didn’t / doesn’t exist, has never been delivered, and certainly Troy R James has NEVER refunded, despite the promise of a “Double Your Money Back Guarantee”.

Troy R James DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee LMAO
Troy R James DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee LMAO!!

It doesn’t take much, just a quick ‘explanation’ (sales) video of the $100k in 30 Days course idea, which lasts a full 7.35 minutes. – A similar technique Troy R James used when he promoted the non-existent QR Surfer App.

It seems whenever Troy R James needs some more cash, he simply imagines another Internet Marketing course to promote and take cash for.

150 sales @ $197.00 = $29,550.00.  Not a bad little earner.

Following is a copy of the Troy R James $100k in 30 Days sales page from July 2015.  We’ve included the original sales video too.  You can view the actual original webpage on Wayback Machine here:  https://web.archive.org/web/20150730234248/http://ebrandingforsuccess.com/100k-in-30-days

From original URL on 28 July 2015:  ebrandingforsuccess.com/100k-in-30-days
We’ve condensed the original sales pitch, to create a ‘course overview’ video;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AMuEhV3Jvw


Take a Look at What We Are Doing!


This is Extremely Limited and Starting Right Now!

I Guarantee You Will Make At Least $10,000 in the Next 30 Days or Double Your Money Back!

I have been finishing just a boat load of products and courses over the past 4 months and most are never done and never seen before type stuff. Truly revolutionary in many ways.

But I want to get back to my core roots of marketing a bit. With my updated version of one of my hot selling products the Wealthy Tuber coming back out I wanted to bring to everyone a product that would put you into money with just a little bit of work from a one week course I will teach you.

This is one strategy that builds my lists and earns me at least $100,000 most months without fail. It is not rocket science, you just need to know how to do what I am doing here.

There is no complicated strategies, it’s just straight information that you follow the steps to gain success.

I know there is no fancy sales funnel here or big promotion. I’m simply going to teach 150 students how to make the money they deserve.

There is no delays and no stalls. We start today and go for 7 days straight to success!


Here’s What’s Included in This One Week Training Course

  • How to Use Viral Videos for Profit
  • How to Use 3 Paid Advertising Methods Very Few People are Using to Make Money Fast!
  • How to Create What People Want Fast!
  • All the New Wealthy Tuber Tips and Tricks to Improve Subscribers and Views
  • How to Rank the Viral Videos Fast and Gain Massive Views That Lead to Your Offers
  • Software That Works With YouTube to Make You Easy Money (Included)
  • Software That Allows Your Site to Embed Affiliate Offers Right Inside Your Videos (Included)
  • One Week Training Inside a Skype Group with 150 Others
  • Unlimited Q and A

Why I’m Doing This…

In the beginning of 2015 I set a lot of new goals. They were to release all the most mind blowing products I could possibly produce, over deliver on every promise and make as many people millionaires or on the path to success as possible.

Well it’s working. We have people achieving things they never thought possible.

This will be another one of those case studies where the students that applied themselves will over succeed!

There were only 150 spots open for this with over 40 already sold and they are already learning the first steps.

Don’t miss this boat because we WILL close this at 150 students.

Get in While You Can!

Only $197 With A Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

Jump In Now, There is Only 83 Spots Still Open!

We hope to see you on the inside with the others that have already joined and I look forward to showing you a few of my closely guarded secrets to earn.

Cheers, TJ

Have more questions? Get them answered now. Contact TJ via email.

[email protected]

Skype: troy.james18


As per the $100k in 30 Days sales page, Troy R James claims he’s cashed in over $13k from the (non-existent) course promotion already, with only 83 of the original 150 places still Open for his $100k in 30 Days course!

That’s 67 sales @ $197.00 = $13,199.00 – so far!

BTW: Troy R James was still using his E-Conomyware PayPal account when collecting the money for his $100k in 30 Days Internet Marketing course.

OBVIOUSLY, if ANYONE (Yes, even Troy!),  can come forward and prove that the Troy R James $100k in 30 Days Internet Marketing course WAS really delivered with any substance and proof, within a reasonable time frame, worked, AND actually made people money, we’d LOVE to hear from YOU!

To everyone that bought into the $100k in 30 Days course, did you make at least $10,000.00 in 30 days by following Troy R James’ Internet Marketing advice, or did he refund you double your money back?   Please share your results, both positive and negative, with us here on Troy R James Exposed, as we’d really like to learn of a product Troy R James has successfully delivered!

Our final note;  If, as per his own ‘testimonial’ and claims, Troy R James makes “over $100,000.00 a month, month after month after month” using these viral methods, then why the hell hasn’t he refunded people who have been waiting YEARS and YEARS to get their money back from him?  After all, it would only take him six months, using his own awesome viral marketing skills.


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