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As you’ve seen in other posts on Troy R James Exposed, there’s loads of software Troy has promised, sold and taken money for, yet never delivered.

Another example of this is the QR Surfer App, sold and promised in March 2014, yet is still undelivered to this day, and he refuses to refund.

 50 sales @ $1,250.00 =  $62,500.00 for making an 8 minute video!

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t quite that easy, add a few minutes to knock up the sales page, and the time involved in sending out the emails too lol.  But you get our point, Internet Marketing Troy R James style means never actually creating or launching a product.  Just simply make a video presentation with a summary of your latest idea, add a payment button and rake in the riches, never to be refunded again.

Troy R James was still using the E-conomyware, [email protected] PayPal email address for these transactions.

The following is Troy’s QR Surfer App sales pitch from March 2014, or you can view the original sales page here:  QR Surfer App


Hey Gang,

Thanks for the interest in the QR Surfer app. It’s another ground breaking first for us and you are on the cutting edge of this powerful tool.

When you know you have something everyone is going to want, it certainly is a feel good feeling.

Ok, in the video I mention to PM me to get access, instead I have created the direct pay links. Immediately after you pay you will then PM me on Facebook so we can get you started on your app details.

You Get;

1x iOS version of our QR Surfer app

1x Android version of our QR Surfer app

All the training on what you need to do to have your app completed.

All the training to setting up your app in the app stores and then to start viral marketing it.

Replacement costs to do this yourself with developers would cost close to $10,000 or more for both apps and without any training.


There you go, how to rake in $62,500.00 Troy R James style, in one easy lesson!

The QR Surfer (QR Code Reader) App joins the long list of undelivered and non-refunded software products and apps promoted by Troy R James. Obviously, as with the non-delivery of the promised Android and iOS QR Code Reader App, there was never any training provided, nor other information, certainly nothing viral either lol. 😉  Apparently Troy refuses to respond to follow up emails in relation to the QR code reader.

Bish, Bosh, Bash, Troy grabs the cash.


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