Jack Topper and Troy R James November 2015 UNDELIVERED Software

Jack Topper UNDELIVERED 27 software products
Jack Topper UNDELIVERED 27 software launch list November 2015

The following list of 27 software products was sold by Jack Topper and Troy R James in November 2015 at a cost of $2,400.00 per 0.5% share.

NOT ONE software product has been successfully launched and delivered since November 2015, despite all the software supposedly being finished and ready for sale ‘to the masses’.

Further details of the offer here:  Jack Topper and Troy R James 27 software products JV Partnership offer details.

Please see the bottom of this article for more info on Jack Topper and Troy R James after you’ve read Jack Topper’s  ‘sales pitch’  below.

In fact, at the time of writing, the original URL is still ‘LIVE’ right here:  http://www.jacktopper.com/launch-list complete with the payment link.  Let’s see how long that lasts  lol.


From the desk of  Jack Topper

First, I want to say thank you so much for the trust you have placed in me. It has been an absolute pleasure working with each of you in the group. Your ideas have contributed to making this list of 27 products one of my best bundle of products yet and I know you will be more than satisfied with the results.

In our last call, I shared with you the link to the buy button for these products and I showed you each of the products while we discussed the features and functions of each. Some of you have asked for a reminder of the list of products, so I have added them below.

  1. Tumblr Traffic

    Tumblr is a goldmine and I expose all the best features to this strategy to earn a lot of money right inside the social network.

  2. Image Traffic

    Image traffic is the absolute best if you know how to do it properly and harness the current trends.

  3. Email Builder Retargeter

    One thing that no one has really touched on is the fact that you should be retargeting people that open your emails to get more sales. Well we have created a template builder that makes it easy for anyone to do quickly on the fly. Comes with a large course.

  4. Parallax Simplicity

    Parallax sites are all the rage right now but most themes where not built with parallax features for WordPress or HTML sites. Now anyone can add parallax features quickly and easily.

  5. Azon Social Genius

    First released in 2012 we have revolutionized the way you can be an Amazon associate and earn money on auto-pilot.

  6. WP Fast Chat

    How would you like to add skype type forums straight to your website pages with a plug and play app for Word Press.

  7. Skype Support and Skype Response

    Two tools to change the way support is handled on products directly from the sales page and members area of your websites. Get more sales and keep more people happy with these instant response tools.

  8. AniResponse Video Framer

    Add animation to your sales videos outside the video and in the video frames. Tons of animated options that allow the video intro to fly into your pages.

  9. Animatrix

    Website text animation tool.

  10. Viralogy

    Finally I am ready to release all my viral marketing strategies and how I achieve the crazy high volume of views and hits that I get.

  11. Flip-matic

    Something New! No one has attempted to get optins or shares straight from pdf’s and flip books in websites. It works like the old like button hidden content apps. They can’t see the rest of the pdf or flip book until they either optin or share.

  12. Friction Free Optin System

    No clicks, just simply retargeting when passing over a link.

  13. My Birthday Reminder

    Sending birthday messages in Fb is a daunting task… Not anymore!

  14. Coupon Mailer

    Imagine coupon email follow ups that anyone can create super fast for any product. A full course and software shows the way.

  15. Smart List

    A software that helps build your lists in a revolutionary way.

  16. Tube Theory

    A new way to display your YouTube videos in your website to earn.

  17. Insta-Contest

    Another Instagram Contest software unlike any others produced to date.

  18. Themifier

    Building website pages that look great and are responsive is not easy. This plug and play tool helps anyone be a pro fast!

  19. Social Cards

    Everyone sees the social buttons as they are and people almost get banner blindness over it now. We have developed a new way to re-engage users to your social buttons.

  20. FlipSocial

    Social flip book for sites like FB right in the timeline.

  21. Hover Form

    You have visitors to your site but you don’t want an ugly optin form on your pages. Have your optin or social sharing button appear when hovered over any certain part of your pages.

  22. AudioMagic

    Audio Books and Podcasts are huge. Now you can have auto play audio on your sites pages as soon as the new visitor arrives on the page.

  23. Mobi-Link and Mobi-Share

    Revolutionary! Things on mobile phones have never worked like they do on PCs. Well we have created one of the most effective things on PCs for mobile devices.

  24. AnimotionFX

    Probably one of our top ten softwares. 2 years in the making. Create full animations for presentation, apps, websites, videos and more without having any experience previously.

  25. FeedBlaster

    When you build a list it is a lot of work keeping that list active with information related to your niche weekly, so why not automate it by using RSS feeds and automatic email messaging with a twist.

  26. Social Reservation App

    Tons of businesses and services need their customers to make reservations. We made this tool originally but is was plagued with issues. 2 years later and a lot of money invested we have the ultimate reservation tool ready for market.

  27. The Marketers CRM

    Probably the largest issue we had in my business is being able to keep track of all customers with notes, contact details, the products they bought and more. Well out of desperation of needing such a tool we built what every marketer needs.


Guarantee and Support

Everything comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee as well as 1 year full support.


Each product comes with a membership area containing training for installing and implementation.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] or Skype at live:jacktopper_1

Thank you for your support and I look forward to continuing to work with each of you in the future.

Jack Topper


We REALLY have to ask what happened to all the money Jack Topper collected for Troy R James in November 2015?

Did Jack Topper really know there were NO software products?

Has ANYONE effectively used ANY of the above 27 software products? Where are all the beta testers?

Have any refunds been provided by Jack Topper, considering NO software has ever been delivered?

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  1. Has anyone considered the idea that “Jake Topper” IS Troy James???? Or “Troy James Hogg”?

    Also, is it possible that Troy James or Hogg or Jake Topper — get investigated for FRAUD?

    • Hi Leslie, Jeremy Smith (or Jack Topper as he likes to be known when dealing for Troy) is not the same person as Troy R James Hogg; they are different people.

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