e-CONomyware Beta Group offer 2014

e-CONomyware offer 16 Jan 2014
e-CONomyware offer 16 Jan 2014

If by any chance you’ve been wondering what Troy R James has been up to over the last few years, apart from while he’s been busy viral and guerilla marketing for the rich and famous (in his own mind), then have a look at one of his so-called companies,  E-Conomyware, sales pages from February, 2014.

Copy of E-conomyware Beta Test Group Offer

Snapshot of webpage taken 2/21/14.


Hey There! Happy New Year!

You May Want to See This…

Last year was a great year for my new software company but I had several growing pains to say the least.

This year my machine is fine tuned and we are moving forward like nobodies business!

Last April I opened an opportunity for 100 people to join in my beta test group and it sold out blistering fast.

I’ve Decided To Re-Open 50 More Spots  [Wow Troy, so generous!]

With the growth of my company and all the successes we are having we need to expand our existing beta test team to get great feedback on all our releases this upcoming year.

We have over 121 softwares planned for release and that’s just what’s finishing up, not including all the software we have just put into production.

With that many softwares finishing up for release there is no way our team can give me honest tried and tested feed back in time for all the releases, so this is your lucky day if you are interested. We feel with 50 more active testers our company will be good for life.

So what this group will get for the life of my company as me as owner is ALL our softwares in beta phase and final phase that is ready for release and some of my teaching courses.

I Can’t Put A Value On This, It Would Be Too High!

There are softwares that will be in there that range in price from $37 to $5000 and beyond!

We don’t just create software for the Internet Marketing space and 2014 we plan on expanding even more.

This is opened once again to only the first 50 people, when they are sold, they are gone.



Now, of course none of those imagined softwares  😉 have launched, and it’s over two years later.

How is the E-conomyware beta test group going now, all 150 of you?

How many software products have you tested? How many software launches have there been following your extensive testing and software product development?

How many of Troy’s promised software or course products launched and successfully sold for even $37, or heaven forbid $97?  We all know $5k, well, who else but Troy R James could make that sort of sale.  LMAO.

PLEASE if ANYONE from this original beta group, someone CREDIBLE is able to prove that Troy actually fulfilled any (or even some lol) of his promises, we’d love to hear from you. Proof of say just six (6) successful software launches, out of the promised 121+ would be great, since this offer was made in February 2014, surely a self-called professional like Troy R James and his team of 165 developers, and now 150 beta testers could churn out software like no-one’s business?

And the 32 Facebook softwares ready to launch included too!

You can view the original E-conomyware Beta Test Group offer page

The original YouTube E-conomyware beta group viral promotion video,  with all 61 views at the time of posting can be found here.    www.youtube.com/watch? v=mnn8Tl5dzBU

e-CONomyware offer January 2014
e-CONomyware offer Jan 2014 a total of 61 views in over 2 years. Viral!

We seriously hope more than a few people from the 150 involved in the 2013-2014 beta test group (or is that JV Partnership group now, we forget lol ), will get in touch to confirm how much Troy has delivered on his software and promises.

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