BROKEN Troy R James Promises November 2015

Two Faced Troy R James WILL NOT pay out Refunds
Two Faced Troy R James WILL NOT pay out Refunds

Troy R James made quite a few (false) claims and ‘promises’ when he and Jack Topper offered the  JV Partnerships on 27 software products for $2,400.00 in November, 2015.

Troy R James has NOT delivered on ONE of his promises from November 2015.

We would particularly like to highlight the following of his  BOGUS  claims.  Troy states on his 27 software product JV Partnership sales page, and we’ve added our comments in red:


Troy R James states:

I know and many of you that are close to me knows that I would never scam someone or purposely try to harm them in any way. [Why won’t you refund everyone then Troy??]  I want nothing but the best for everyone [Is that why you threaten people?] and that is what I am about to prove out in the absolute BIGGEST WAY POSSIBLE!

I will prove that I am the man I say I am [LMAO] and after all the product delays were the direct reflection of what sparked the negativity. So there is a few things that will be occurring…

    1. Finalize all outstanding refunds and have them paid no later than Wednesday, November 25th (2015) and confirm with those people. [*ABSOLUTE FAIL*] Troy R James  HAS NOT  issued the refunds owing, he refuses to make contact, and NO ONE has been contacted by his supposed lawyers to resolve payment.
    1. Pre-Launching Syndinar to mass audiences in all kinds of different niches that it will appeal too.  [FAIL]   NO successful launches as promised.  EVER.
    1. Launching all the 78 products until the end of February.  [FAIL]  NOT ONE software product has been successfully launched.
    1. Deliver all the undelivered products and training by February 28th in FULL.  [FAIL]  NO software. NO training.  NO contact.  NO REFUNDS
    1. Have accountants pay JV partners every 30 days on the last Friday of every month for the next 3 years.  [FAIL]  WHEN has Troy R James EVER refunded, or paid out money to JV Partners??   WHAT A JOKE!!
    1. Support all my products and softwares until March 1st, 2017 even if I sell out of them.  [FAIL]  How can you support non-existent products?  Troy R James won’t even return emails!  FACT.
    1. Post all JV’d products on Udemy, get them approved and selling!  [FAIL]  NOTHING has been posted on Udemy since the first free course in March 2015. – A whole other story!
    1. Complete the Affluence Network with my team.  [ *THANKFULLY  FAIL* ]  Another Troy R James MLM SCAM like Green Chum and GC Money Tree.

So before I get into the other launch details let’s discuss what I plan on doing here!

First off I have a lot to prove, A LOT!  [YES Troy you do have a lot to prove, and you’ve FAILED at every step of the way!] And I fully intend on blowing the roof off of these launches. [Just like ALL your other claims  *BULLSHIT* ]  I will not focus on the IM space entire to rely on these sales as it is actually a much smaller space than what most perceive. [It’s certainly shrinking for YOU.]

I will be focused on each product individually and who it will appeal too in order to capture leads and drive large sales numbers. I WILL leave this marketplace with a good name if it kills me!!!

***  How’s that working out for you Troy R James,

or should we use your REAL name,  

Troy Richard James Hogg ???  ***


Well, it certainly appears Troy R James deserves his reputation.


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