35 Undelivered Troy R James Software Products for $97

Troy R James 35 UNDELIVERED software products for $97.00 November 2015
Troy R James 35 UNDELIVERED software products for $97.00 November 2015

Troy R James certainly had a busy month in November 2015.  Apart from the following 35 UNDELIVERED software products he sold for $97.00, he also sold off  JV Partnerships in 27 products for $2,400.00.   Once again, Jack Topper was taking the payments for Troy R James.

100 sales @ $97.00 each = $9,700.00  via Jack Topper

The actual sales page from November 2015 is still LIVE at the time of writing:  http://www.affluence-network.com/35-product-early-bird-bundle



I’m Moving On and You Can Benefit From it!


Product List and Launch Calendar of What’s Included for ONLY 48 HOURS!


Today You Can Get Early Access to These 35 Products for Life for Only $97

Viral Mobi Traffic $17
Tumbling $17
Social Inviter $17
Graphix Traffic $7
The Wealthy Tuber $7
Authority Unleashed $17
Social Squeeze Window $27
Social Video Retargeter $27
Mail Builder $17
Parallax Simplicity $17
Viraligy $17
ForceVideo $17
WP Fast Chat $17
Smart List $27
Sky Support & Sky Response $27
Azon Social Genius $7
AnimaVideo Framer $17
AnimatrixFX $17
FlipMatic $17
Friction Free List Builder $27
My Birthday Reminder $7
Coupon Mailer $17
Tube Theory $17
Insta-Contest $17
Themifier $17
Social Cards $27
Flip Social $17
Hover Forms $27
Audio Magic $7
Mobi-Link $27
AnimotionFX $47
FeedBlaster $17
ReSo $47
CloudForce CRM $47
Total Value of



YES! It’s True. I’m Moving on but Not Out…

I have spent a long time in this marketplace and had some great successes and met a lot of amazing people that I am happy to call friends but there comes a time when you have to recognize when it is time to move on and spread your wings.

I have debated this for over two months now and the truth is this style of business takes a lot of work to develop cutting edge products and maintain them along with keep your social appearance up, avoid hackers, deal with haters, manage support 24/7, cover all expenses and if you want to grow you have to have extensive staff all which costs a lot of money and costs a lot of time to do it all properly.

I will be the first one to say I have dropped the ball on that a few times because I didn’t expect the unexpected so I have made some career changing decisions but I’m not going far!

To Your Benefit!

Over the past 2.5 years I have made some crazy discoveries with my marketing business that I think I can automate in a service type monthly business for one and most of you might not know that I have had a passion for a large number of years to help people in a BIG way and I have been building a system to do that.

So in short, my staff, support and developers are still going to be with me but we are developing larger products for different markets.

We were going to launch it last month but the timing wasn’t right and to be honest, I wasn’t ready so I want to focus on my passions for the next few years.

What this means is the following…

Over the past few years we have been building projects that my close students and I came up with. Above is 35 of the 78 products I will be launching in the coming weeks.

I don’t think anyone has pulled off 78 products over a three month period of back to back launches but I am going to attempt it. Not all of them will launch in my own name obviously so it should be pretty manageable.

The above products will all except a few be launched in my student’s names.


From the Desk of Troy James

Every one of them was designed and built by my team of developers and 90% of the training has been created by me, Troy James.

So as we gear up for these launches I want to say thank you by offering you these 35 cutting edge products for a ridiculously low price.


    1. The Day Before each product is released my team will add you to the member’s area for the front-end product for each listed above.
    2. You Get Access to the Softwares and All the Training! Nothing will be left out that the customers get that pay full price on launch date. You get the same value at an extreme discount.
    3. You Get One Year Full Support and Updates Included! No matter what happens my team and I will honour one year full support and updates to all the softwares above.
    4. On the Insiders Program You Will Learn Two Ways to Earn Great Money From These Products That Will Never Be Discussed to the Other Buyers or After this Promotion is Over!!!
    5. You SAVE Over $557.00


Due to a problems with the payment processor, the offer has been extended 24 hrs.



 Please Note: Your credit card statement will show Jack Topper Ltd or Mile High Results LLC



Q. How will be support be handled if you are leaving the business?
A. I am leaving the product launch scene and focusing on larger enterprise type softwares. My new support desk that was recently formed with my partnering companies will still maintain the softwares for at least a year minimum and all updates that may be required will still be handled from my development teams.

Q. I heard you have had delays in the past with products?
A. Yes, that is true but we have spent a lot of time and money developing these products and sales funnels so these announced dates will be dedicated to releasing on time and the students names I will be launching with are keeping my team and I pressed to those dates so that you can have your access on time as well.

Q. Some of these products look like they may have been done already by the descriptions?
A. I did take my time perfecting these and yes some competing products did come out that sound similar in some aspects but I live by a motto and that is “Always build the better mouse trap!” All these products are second to none and serve an extreme purpose in any digital business.

Q. What are the two money making strategies you refer to in the sales copy?
A. I will not release this to the open public but it is an extremely easy way you can earn having early access to these products and all will be shown on the inside.

Q. Will you be sharing your future products and developments with your lists still?
A. Some of them, yes.

Q. You mentioned that there was 78 products but only 35 listed, why don’t we get access to all of them?
A. The other products are either some that have cost me an arm and a leg to develop and I can’t feasibly afford to offer them in this bundle or I have partners on the others and it wouldn’t be fair to them to give their products away in this bundle. I hope you understand.

Q. Will we get to see those other products?
A. Absolutely!

Q. Every product comes with an upsell or two usually, are those included?
A. No. Unfortunately most upsells for these cost me a lot more but you will get first right of refusal at a discount for them upon release.

Have more questions?
Email me at: [email protected]


There you go, once again Troy R James has promoted software, taken payment (via Jack Topper), and NEVER DELIVERED OR REFUNDED.

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