Troy R James Purely Hosting Scam July 2014

Troy R James Purely Hosting Lifetime Hosting SCAM July 2014
Troy R James Purely Hosting SCAM July 2014

You’ll see in July 2014 Troy R James was still using his E-conomyware business name and the E-CONomyware PayPal address to perpetuate his schemes.

The payments for the Purely Hosting offer Troy presented ($267.00  –  $1,997.00, depending on the hosting plan) were processed via JV Zoo.  Of course, NOTHING was ever delivered!

Troy R James selling Lifetime Hosting via Purely Hosting


Good Day! Big things in the works

Troy R. James [email protected] via



Hey there,

Troy James here and I just wanted to say thanks for checking out the
hosting offer. There was a lot of people that had questions and wanted to
know more…

Well I had a long conversation with the principles of the company and you
all are going to get some crazy good news right now. First off the
company`s current names are going away and a new brand will be born
to match the new dynamic staff, management and support team.

They are also focusing on building out additional services like softwares,
auto-responder services, training modules and a lot more and the most
amazing part is that you will get all that included in your life-time subscription.

See the final count down is on and I did request an extension for a lot of
people that have been asking but I`m not sure if it`s going to happen.

I had a friend and customer say to me yesterday that he is spending $315
on LiquidWeb`s cloud service every month. I had another say he is spending
$255 on a dedicated and I had a referral tell me she was looking at a VPS
server for $215 per month because she couldn`t justify anything else more
expensive over time.

Well, they all bought because it is just smart business money management.

The guys that bought the company do this kind of thing for a living. You
don`t become uber wealthy without knowing what you are doing in a
restructuring model and making all the customers extremely happy so you
know that you are in incredibly good hands.

The offer closes down at midnight tomorrow and will be gone for good.

Just giving you a heads up.

Cheers,  TJ

P.S. I`m off to hang out with a super cool band for the day and I will post
some more pics to Facebook tomorrow when I get a chance.

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Funnily enough, it doesn’t seem Troy R James is using the Purely Hosting Lifetime Hosting himself.

   WHY NOT  Troy R James??

Here at Troy R James Exposed, we encourage contact from ANYONE who is STILL successfully running and using their lifetime hosting with Purely Hosting.  Whether you purchased one of the Purely Hosting lifetime packages from Troy R James, or became one of Troy’s Purely Hosting Buy Out JV Partners, LMAO, please confirm your hosting is still usable, and worry-free.   After all, Troy R James Guaranteed it.

We encourage HONEST Feedback.


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