Sound like a Hosting Scam? Ask Troy R James for the Truth!

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Data Center Hosting. Not Troy's lol

Straight, unedited truth, at least from Troy R James Exposed, anyway.  Enjoy the read.

What follows is a direct copy of Troy’s email sent to his ‘loyal customers’, with a special, limited, once in life-time, never to be repeated, secret, exclusive JV Partnership invite, only available to the close, hand-picked, specially chosen few for a limited time only.  😀

Troy R James’ Email sent on 5 September 2014


Well I must say this is the largest venture of my career and I figured I might as well allow some of my top customers that believe in what I do to join us.
So as you are aware I was offering a cloud hosting plan for life a few weeks ago. That’s because a few of my clients, existing business partners and I are purchasing a hosting company valued at over $117MM. This is based on it’s revenue levels and number of customers.

See where we find the value in this is we can create a new age brand out of the existing one that offers cloud hosting but what is also going to be the largest trend is virtual desktops where all your softwares and files will be hosted at a third party location so that your desktop or iPad never gets cluttered and you never have to worry about losing anything ever again. In fact early research shows that this will be the next multi-billion dollar industry and only two companies offer it that we could find at this moment.

Now the other thing that makes this so darn attractive is that this company has 416,000 monthly paying customers and are in the email database for the monthly newsletter. Most of these customers are brick and mortar type businesses that are waiting for someone to teach them the ropes on online marketing so we have an advantage over others in that we can sell them my courses and softwares and make even more.

The previous owners told me that currently the company is doing $365,000 profit per month right now and we can significantly boost that.
So our plan is to do the following;

a.) Pay off the balance of borrowed funds so that we own the deal outright with no debt. This is a grand total of $6.4MM owing. The way we are going to pay it off fast is through selling the existing clientele softwares, services and marketing courses. The previous owners were getting a ridiculously high open rates to their emails so we will take advantage of this.

b.) Rebrand the businesses all under one name and offer 3 main services. – shared hosting, cloud hosting and virtual desktop with storage in the cloud. We will build a web 3.0 sales funnel to reflect all this.

c.) Hire a new in-house operations teams and support staff for the daily operations and hire a new board of directors.

d.) Market the new brand like crazy and build the brand.

e.) Take the new entity public and issue stock to all existing owners while continuing to build the brand.

f.) Let the newly hired teams take over operations in running it the way we desire and sell out of our stock position for many more multiples on what we paid to get in if desired.

The plan is actually quite simple and this is what many billionaire business flippers do to make their mega millions.

What we are doing is offering 70 people the chance to acquire 0.5% of the company for a $4,000 deposit and balance to be paid from joint acquisition sales to the existing customer database.
This is all already under way and this offer is open for a couple days only. I know that we will fill these positions fast as being what this is anyways.
So I know you will want to know what to expect and where the value comes from…
Well the company started in early 2010 and has multiple offshoot companies under it’s umbrella. Collectively since it’s inception in 2010 it has done $117MM is generated revenue through these businesses.
When the company is audited before being released to the stock market, the true value will be revealed which will be around this number.
Taking that into consideration, companies on the public stock markets trade in multiples of their value. If the true number lands at $117MM your 0.5% is worth $585,000 on paper.
Now the plan is to boost the new brand name and build the revenue from software and course sales to the existing customer base but also build the customer base to become an industry leader… fast! We will do this by exposing these new and highly sought after services.

If we can accomplish this within a 6 to 9 month window, we then can expect that our stock per 0.5% position could potentially be worth over a million easily.

Now all parties involved are going to be expected to help promote the new brand and that’s essentially why we are doing this because there is power in numbers and success always comes from a powerful hungry team and we’re not greedy.

If you are interested, let me know right away as spots will probably fill blistering fast.

Thanks for your interest!

Cheers, Troy James

P.S. This is my new email address so only respond to this from now on please. 🙂


So, we have to ask, what has happened with this amazing Joint Venture Hosting Partnership Deal with Troy R James?

But Wait!!!  There’s more!!!  This hasn’t been Troy R James’ only amazing, limited-time offer of Lifetime Hosting.  We’ll bring you more details of another special hosting offer Troy promoted in future posts.  Stay tuned.

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