Who runs The Affluence Network?

The Affluence Network owners ALL use FAKE names
The Affluence Network owners ALL use FAKE names

Who runs or owns The Affluence Network you ask?

The current ‘frontmen’ for The Affluence Network, according to The Affluence Network website are:

  • Troy James, aka Troy Hogg, aka Troy R James, aka Troy R Hogg, aka Richard Hogg, aka…  You get the picture, depending on the year lol.
  • Jeremy Smith, aka Jack Topper. (Jeremy Thomas Smith)
  • ‘Professor’ Ron Wiseman, aka Gene Wiseman, aka Ron Washburn.

The 3 major ‘players’ involved in The Affluence Network ALL actively use different / false names!  WHY?!?

Troy James Exposed has to ask;  Are ‘fake names’ regular practice within The Affluence Network?

Is that the type of culture Troy James and The Affluence Network is already fostering?

How many of The Affluence Network Trainers are also using fake names? Interesting?

We’re not just talking a ‘slip of the tongue’ here, getting someone’s name wrong, or even a casual nickname.

Troy Hogg, Jeremy Smith and Ron Washburn have ALL actively used fake names, and created false social media profiles etc to match.

Whatever happened to ‘the good old days’, when a man’s name and word stood for something?

It’s not the Wild West anymore, but we guess that might be the case, when you’re dealing with a bunch of cowboys lol.


It makes you wonder;  What is The Affluence Network?

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