Troy James Story – Email promise from Troy James June 2016

Troy James Story Promise FAIL email June 2016
Troy James Story Promise FAIL email June 2016

The Troy James Story email promise from Troy James June 2016

In June, 2016 Troy James sent out an email (as he was asking for more $$ of course lol), promising to publish his own ‘Troy James Story’, revealing the truth of his dealings.


Just like his countless broken promises, Troy James has yet again failed to deliver. Just like all the Troy James software;  UNDELIVERED!

It seems Troy James can only ‘Talk a Big Talk‘; As he fails to deliver once again, like the initial The Affluence Network launch in 2015.

As always, we’re sure Troy James will come up with a multitude of excuses why he hasn’t provided the Troy James Story he promised over 10 months ago.  Just like none of the software has been delivered, and many refunds are still outstanding, Troy James has failed yet again, like his promises.

More Troy James Lies, More Troy James Excuses. (Troy James Excuses: great name for a website! lol)

Troy James promises to reveal his whole story, in an email from June 2016. – We’re STILL Waiting of course.

—————  Troy James Email June 2016  —————————–

Troy James [email protected] via

June 2016

to XXX
Good day, well we are down to the last and final stages of our launches.

If you are involved in one of my projects which there is a lot of you, this is
a must read and follow the instructions type email to be able to move

Over the past two years I have been through a lot of ups and downs. It is
no surprise as a lot of the things have been made public but most with
non-educated fabricated exaggerations of the truth.

I have never attempted to publicly defend myself until all aspects were
ready to do so and they are now ready.

I will be publishing a very long and concise article speaking of my entire
life’s story for the past 8 years. This will be notarized and officially made

In it will have the proof of all my experiences, good and bad to put an end
to the ridiculous comments being made that continues from time to time.

The fact of all what I am getting at is I am who I say I am and I will be
providing a lot of proof. More details will be shared soon.

Enough of that though…

The entire point of getting everyone to a.) sign an NDA and b.) product
partnership agreements are so that I can share the great details on
everything related to each product without it being spun into something
else and so that my partners and products are protected.

There are a lot more details that we will be sharing on things unrelated to
our product launches and we don’t want those being leaked publicly until
we desire to do so.

Product partners and previous product owners should be signing this
because I am coming out swinging in a big way. For previous product
owners, you will be introduced to things at no charge for sticking with me
and other things at less than half price of what they will be sold in the future.

Plus I will be teaching strategies that will completely blow your minds that
no one is discussing but are massive for achieving success online at a
low cost.

It is obviously your final call on signing these NDAs and agreements but
please understand I will not be able to share the finer details with you until
they are made public.

If you have already signed the NDA then you don’t need to sign a second

We need to move forward for everyone’s sake so please sign so we can
move forward.

Here’s the link;  Troy James NDA
Following this depending upon if you are directly involved on my products
or you are a previous customer will depend on what I will send you next.

You are about to see some amazing things and I am excited to show and
share with you.

Please take action on this.

Thanks so much in advance and have a great day!

Sincerely, Troy

2055 Walkers Line
Burlington Ontario L7M 4B5


Troy James, AGAIN, Troy James Exposed calls you out as a LIAR!

Troy James, your story needs to go back TEN YEARS, start by explaining the GREEN CHUM pyramid scheme in 2008.

Explain fully AND reasonably why you’ve changed your name so regularly, and used so many different trading ‘entities’ to elicit funds from people over a ten year period.

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