Troy James has NO Money

Troy James has NO MONEY is The Affluence Network bankrupt too?
Troy James has NO MONEY is The Affluence Network bankrupt too?

Troy James (Hogg) MUST be BROKE!

How does that fare for The Affluence Network Launch?

Remember 2015, TAN Trainers!

Let us explain the title, ‘Troy James has NO Money’ a little further, and the conclusion behind Troy James has NO Money.

It is based on Troy James PROVING he has NO Money.

Actually, Troy James either has NO Money, or (and?) he is a lying, cheating thief, who HAS money (as he claims), yet purposely won’t refund people.

Which is it Troy James?  Either you’re personally BROKE, and should come clean to EVERYONE about your income LIES, or you’re just withholding SERIOUS money in REFUNDS, in order to affect peoples’ lives?

Troy James Exposed can confirm Troy James has NO Money, because he can’t (or won’t!) repay a VERY WELL KNOWN DEBT.

As at the time of writing, Troy James Exposed can confirm that Troy James refuses to repay – and this is JUST ONEoutstanding debt of USD $122,336.00,  because Troy James has NO Money!

Troy James has not paid any money off this debt since Dec 7, 2016.  WHY?  NO Money!

Let’s be VERY CLEAR here, this debt is owed to an individual, for AGREED REFUNDS (and non-delivery of software), and has been outstanding for SEVERAL YEARS!

Troy James and his blatant refusal to refund has caused extreme personal hardship to this family, at a time when there is illness and hospitalization (children, no less) in the family. Troy James is fully aware of this, and yet he still refuses to repay HIS debt.

Troy James also refuses to pay many other debts (refunds), which he promised to repay by November, 2015!

If Troy James has NO Money, how can he expect to launch The Affluence Network?  Troy James Exposed says The Affluence Network 2017 is another Troy James sinking ship, just like in 2015. Or perhaps another Green Chum MLM scam, from 2008?

Troy James confirming he is BROKE, and has NO Money makes a complete mockery out of all The Affluence Network claims.

IF Troy James has NO Money, and CAN’T repay his debts, what does that say for his ‘massive income teachings’?

Troy James has NO Money, AND he is massively in debt (just read The Affluence Network website lol) to Jeremy Smith, aka Jack Topper, who bailed him out by paying some overdue refunds (Tens of thousands of USD$) last year, under the threat of legal action.

PERHAPS The Affluence Network Trainers can step up and pay some of the Troy James long overdue debts, because Troy James has NO Money to do it himself.

Troy James Exposed predicts that as Troy James has NO Money, and is a FAILURE at his own ‘teachings’, The Affluence Network WILL NOT EVEN LAUNCH, just like in 2015.

#TroyStory #EffluentNetwork #TAN #Ponzi #NOMoney

Troy James will not refund!

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