Troy James Exposed One Year Review

More Troy James Failures
More Troy James Failures

One Year Review from Troy James Exposed

It’s now well over one year since we started the Troy James Exposed website.  Wow, how time flies!

We thought it was about time for a quick  ‘Troy James Exposed One Year Review, considering we’re now half way through 2017.

Let’s see what Troy James has accomplished so far in 2017: 

  1. Just ONE person’s Major REFUND paid in 2017:        ZERO = FAIL
  2. Software Products Launched in 2017:        ZERO = FAIL
  3. Viral Campaigns Launched in 2017:        ZERO = FAIL
  4. The Affluence Network Success Stories in 2017:        ZERO = FAIL
  5. TAN Cryptocurrencies Launched in 2017:        ZERO = FAIL
  6. The Affluence Network Launched in 2017:        OF COURSE NOT = FAIL
  7. $$millions Made by Troy James’ Partners in 2017:        ZERO = FAIL
  8. Honesty from Troy James in the last year:         ZERO = FAIL
  9. Name changes in the last year:        ONE = FAIL
  10. Excuses offered in the last year:        TOO MANY = FAIL

**  As always, if ANYONE can reliably refute ANY of the TOP TEN list, please speak up in the comments below.

To date, NO ONE has come forward to correct our reporting, or prove ANY success Troy James has achieved.  NO ONE.

Troy James Exposed One Year Review Video:


What About The Affluence Network You Ask?

Obviously, as has been the case with all the Troy James launches;  Nothing has happened, it’s incomplete and it hasn’t launched.  STILL.

SURPRISE!  NOT.   Troy James Exposed has to ask:  What made you think The Affluence Network ‘launch’ (again this time) would be any different to Troy James’ countless other failed softwares, projects and promises?

The number of video views in 6 months (And it’s Autoplay!) on The Affluence Network website tells the sad tale of their success:

The Affluence Network Viral Video views - 6 months
The Affluence Network Viral Video views – 6 months

YES, that’s correct, 186 video views in 6 MONTHSWOW. VIRAL.

All we can say is that the results are on par with the viral marketing abilities Troy James has demonstrated over many years.  Of Course.

The Affluence Network Reviews

Here at Troy James Exposed, we covered a couple of reviews as they came out from BadBitCoin and Behind MLM initially.  But then the flood of The Affluence Network Reviews started to come out, we just couldn’t be bothered.  As expected, none of the reviews are good, with most highlighting Troy James’ prior involvement and failure with the Green Chum / GC Money Tree pyramid scheme.   Web Traffic Lounge, How To Stay Safe on the Internet, Marketing Xtreme, CyberLive, SEO Spark,  the list of reviews goes on – But no positive reviews.

Special Mention

Special Mentions so far in 2017 go to both Guy Swinbourne and Duane Norland, for their ongoing efforts to promote and raise awareness of the Troy James Exposed website. THANK YOU GUY and DUANE!  With the Exposure you have created, “Troy James Exposed” has actually become a popular search term now!  We’re sure Troy will thank you.  😉

Extra Special Mention too for all the copy-cat ‘Troy James Exposed’  YouTube channels and videos.  We think it’s great, highlighting all the different names Troy James has used, and making a mockery out of The Affluence Network.  Well Done.  We’re guessing they don’t tell the actual TRUTH behind Troy James tho.


Stay tuned for more interesting updates next week!


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