Troy James and Green Chum MLM 2008

Troy James aka Troy Hogg - Green Chum 2008 - 1st The Affluence Network?
Troy James aka Troy Hogg - Green Chum 2008 - Photo from original Green Chum website!

Troy James, aka Troy Hogg and Green Chum MLM in 2008

Troy James was of course still using the name Troy Hogg in 2008, (And this is the photo he used on the Green Chum website in 2008) but what do you think of the similarities between the Troy Hogg Green Chum MLM of 2008, and the Troy James The Affluence Network MLM of 2017?  We know full well The Affluence Network will quickly go the same way as Green Chum, under the direction of Troy James. – Yet another Troy James Effluent Network to add to the growing collection.

Are you wondering why The Affluence Network MLM sounds familiar? – It’s ‘Green Chum MLM’ re-created for 2017!

Following is the original Troy Hogg Green Chum ‘sales letter’  from 2008:


Hello, I’m Troy Hogg the CEO and founder to Green Chum and GC Money Tree.

That’s me in the picture with my daughter.  I want to tell you a brief story.

In my 36 years, I have experienced more than anyone I’ve ever known. Most that know me say the same thing.

I’ve ridden the good health, happiness and financial success rollercoaster too many times.

Up and Down and round and round, always making the other guy wealthy. Always working myself to the bone for the contract and effecting my health and happiness.

I have wanted to break free from my career and do something for myself, my family and the individuals that wanted a direct involvement in what I was doing.

I have tried several business opportunities over the years as a second income strategy but they all lacked strong marketing tactics, management skills or the timing was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, there have been successes, just not large enough to write home about.

I have been a successful marketing and management consultant for 12 years. I have been head hunted by several companies over the years and have many satisfied clients.

I have always had a passion for life, love, health, happiness, success, people, our planet and everything in it.

I am a true tree hugger by heart!!!

So anyways, through my rises and falls I’ve always dreamed of being able to do something like this someday.

It has taken my associates and me over 22 months to build this program with a financial commitment of hundreds of thousands of dollars to finally be able to proudly say that we are ready.
We have the ability to plant 200,000 trees this spring 2008, not even mentioning the fall planting session and what we can do in the years to come.

This is not your typical flash in the pan, overnight, here today gone tomorrow internet scheme. Green Chum is a real company that has real goals and plans to be around for decades to come.

I want to find true energetic entrepreneurs that wish to Help Conquer Global Warming with us. We want these early distributors to be GC Money Tree testimonial examples of how anyone can be financially free from a little work, using our system.

You will also have the self satisfaction that you are doing a large part to helping our planet!
I’ve opened the window of opportunity for eager individuals to get in on this system first before I start my aggressive advertising campaigns. By you being here right now, you are one of the few granted this opportunity in its early launch phase.

This website will change slightly once we have achieved our initial testimonials.

If you are interested in this opportunity and wish to purchase one of the packages through our early launch phase, you must do so soon. I am not trying to put pressure on anyone, that’s not my nature.

Joining at any point is great, I just want to see early believers become successful beyond their largest dreams and I need all the testimonials I can get.

If we get enough associates to help “adopt” all 200,000 trees…We can be easily planting well over 1 million or more trees in the autumn of 2008.

That would truly be a fantastic start to an excellent program.

Early Crown Affiliates to the system will get my direct email and phone number so that we all can work closer together in a concerted effort to be effective.

I consider the early Crown Affiliates as the leaders of this system for the fact that they have more to lose and more to gain, so “they will” in fact work harder than most.

Not to mention I will also offer future opportunities to early affiliates, first.

Future Green Chum projects that affiliates can look forward to are…

  • Free Energy “A Global Renewable Energy Project”
    (We are working with the machine that will reinvent the renewable energy industry at a fraction of the current initial costs.)

  • The World’s #1 Water Filtration System
    (Imagine converting Salt Water or Nile River water to the best drinking water on the planet! No more fresh water shortages. We are working with the technology currently.),

  • Fruits for Life
    (We know how to provide the world with an abundance of fresh fruit, let’s do it together.)

  • Blue Box Bucks
    (Waste removal has plagued the world for years. Did you realize that 95% of household waste is recyclable and there is big money to be made from it. Starting to see what we see?)

  • Inline Farming
    (Land is becoming a more valuable commodity than ever before in the light of Global Warming. Inline Farming maximizes land space in a controlled environment. While reducing carbon, pesticides and fertilizers which only harms our planet.)

  • Fish Farm
    (Our oceans are a sacred place. Several species are close to extinction from over fishing. Fish farming is nothing new but will be a very large growing trend in the years to come.

Opportunities knock when you have power with numbers .-)

  • Mirror Islands
    (A little idea with a big plan. The cats not out of the bag on this project yet.)

  • And all the Previously Mentioned Tree Projects.

These are all being carefully planned now and will be implemented in the near future.

Oh yeah, did I mention affiliates will be able to earn from all of them?

It may be difficult to understand right now, but it’s enough to get you thinking.

These programs will all be in huge demand with the ongoing “Green Movement”.

This is truly How Much I Believe in this System!!!

And We All Know, The Early Bird Does Get The Fattest Worm.

See, we were planning on doing mass plantings of trees of our own accord before we even thought of this concept. We quickly found out that our small plantings in a park like setting were good for local moral but that was about it.

It would only remove a micro fraction of CO2 from our atmosphere from just our efforts.
After being approached every day about what we were doing to this vacant plot of farm land and how they could be a part, it hit me.

A short time later we knew we had to bring the concept to the masses. With some great advice from internet gurus and my marketing experience the concept was constructed.

The Planet needs Trees, Lots and Lots of Trees!

We knew that people get interested when it’s in their own back yard but we also knew we had to give incentive to those that didn’t have a tree project near them. Thus the GC Money Tree was created.

I have had a number of individuals say that global warming is a conspiracy, a ploy driven by governments, it’s a natural cycle of the earth and on and on and on. Which I don’t believe!

But let’s say it is, one true fact still remains, we have cut down to many trees! We need their oxygen, animal’s need their homes and humans want wood!

Isn’t it time we give back to the planet that has been so generous to us?

And don’t you think we owe it to future generations?

Our children are relying on us to make the changes now.

Join with us in this massive quest for success in all aspects.

If you are ready to help make a difference in your personal life and those that surround you… Please join now and we can all be recognized for making a difference.

Remember that it only takes (4x) Crown Affiliate sales for a Crown Affiliate to break even. After that the rest is history in the making.

We have structured a very large marketing campaign and the early affiliates will benefit from these initial marketing campaigns greatly.

This system sells itself, take advantage of a good thing and make the difference.

If this isn’t for you, I would like to thank you for taking the time to review this program.
In your life’s journey please do what you can to help improve our environment from it’s current state. Remember to stop once and a while to enjoy those efforts, life’s to short to miss it.

Once again, thanks.

Troy Hogg
CEO and Co-Founder
Green Chum Inc.

Here is the original page, just in case anyone might think this is a ‘half truth’.  LMAO

Still doubt Troy’s involvement? Check out his MySpace profile at the time:

Or Troy’s Green Chum Twitter account:

We’d love to hear what Troy James and his The Affluence Network supporters have to say about this one.


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