Troy James, A Personal (Horror) Story

Troy James has refused to refund for over two years!
Troy James has refused to refund for over two years!

This Troy James testimonial is from one of  Troy James’ [EX] clients / Joint Venture partners.  Please read, and learn about Troy James and the way he operates. Going from Troy James’ extensive unscrupulous background, you can fully expect this type of treatment and behavior to continue with The Affluence Network.

Troy James still hasn’t refunded US$122,336.00 to just ONE person!


Business and Family Destroyed By Troy James Experience

I still find this extremely difficult to talk about, as my family and I continue to struggle every single day with the consequences of my devastating involvement with Troy James, [aka Troy R James, aka Troy Hogg, aka Troy R Hogg, aka Richard Hogg.]  – Yet we know our toughest days are still ahead of us.

I am speaking now as Troy James keeps blaming others for his troubles, saying other people made him “lose everything” and had his family “turn” on him.

As he told me this has happened before in previous ventures, I think we have to look at what has really caused the problems this time for so many people again, at least from my own direct experience.

We have been totally financially crippled by this involvement with Troy James

I personally required an emergency intervention last year (2016) for deep depression and suicidal thoughts. I am much more stable now, but still subject to panic attacks as my family and I pay a truly terrible price for my believing Troy James’ continued assurances and promises. We are just holding on to our family home for the moment but it looks increasingly like it will need to be sold in the near future, even in its rundown state. We have been totally financially crippled by this involvement with Troy James, and at age 60 in a few weeks, I have almost given up on trying to find a job.

I invested a total of over US$185,000.00 with Troy James in almost 40 different Joint Venture “software development” projects, most of it since Feb 2014.   NONE have been delivered.

I lost count of the dozens and dozens of promised delivery dates from hundreds of personal and group conversations with Troy James over several years. I ‘invested’ over $100,000.00 with Troy James in May/June 2014 alone as part of a number of 50/50 Joint Ventures and other projects that Troy James promised would be delivered and make millions from imminent product launches within months, weeks and even days. Not a single software or project launch happened, from these or any of the remaining dozens of projects. Not one.

Troy James knew my family situation was under serious threat with my youngest daughter being in hospital for 3 months in 2014 – things were really touch and go for a while.  Troy James knew I was giving him money I had put aside to pay taxes and that we were relying on these launches to be delivered as and when promised, for so many critical reasons. Troy James assured me the software launches were absolutely 100% happening and would help my family greatly with the pressures we were already feeling.

Troy James had sent no money after 3 – 4 months of this

I am ashamed that I believed him and my stress levels at the time clouded my judgment so badly.

When nothing happened and more months went by with continual delays and excuses, I finally had to take Troy James up on his offer of a full refund. That then started another series of delays and deferrals, accompanied by continual promises that the money was being sent that day, that week or within weeks. Troy James had sent no money after 3 – 4 months of these last minute “no shows”.

In the end, I was trapped. I couldn’t get any money from Troy James either way and went into a state where I then justified spending more money on some small new projects in a kind of “must win” mentality. I needed Troy James to deliver, and convinced myself all over again he would. He had to.

More months went by and I got increasingly desperate. I cashed insurance policies. I cashed retirement funds and paid penalty tax for early withdrawal. I invested in other non- Troy James resources on the basis that he would finally come through.

But of course Troy James hasn’t. And since then, the tax authorities have been chasing me for those overdue taxes plus high penalties. ($27k last month).

I had to shut down my business and close down my city office entirely after just having built a video studio. I had to terminate staff and move back home after disposing of valuable office resources and materials that filled an 8 cu metre rubbish skip bin.

I finally “woke up” late in 2015 to what I had done to my family, believing in and giving money to Troy James for so long.

Since then, it has been like waking up to a terrible nightmare every day, one that just keeps getting worse. We are financially destroyed and the much harder days are still ahead of us as we can barely hold on to our family home.

The direct impact on my family has placed enormous, sustained pressures on my wife, and our 30-year marriage is being severely strained to breaking point.

Many of The Affluence Network Trainers are still owed 10s of $1,000s of dollars by Troy James.

There were (and still are) hundreds of others like me [now called The Affluence Network Trainers or ‘founders’] who ‘invested’ in these projects with Troy James, but I understand I was the largest individual “investor” (and sucker).

I joined a Troy James Skype Refund Group [there are a few!] and we were given so many more promises of money being refunded on various changing dates by both Troy James and Jeremy Smith. But it was still all the same pattern really. Always more excuses, more deferrals, more non-delivery, more changing stories, more buying of time from Troy James. The only money that I have received back until recently was from PayPal’s own buyer protection plan, not from Troy James, for amounts spent within 180 days. But it was only a fraction of the full amount at approx US$31K.

When I finally decided I had to put aside my acute shame and embarrassment and tell my story and created a basic website to be ready to do so, that seemed to finally prompt Troy James into action. Troy James subsequently repaid several amounts late last year (2016) through Jeremy Smith aka Jack Topper’s bank account. Troy James has repaid a total of just over 20% of the outstanding funds.

Troy James went all silent again after 22 December 2016 and had refused to reply to me in 2017, apart from one solitary sentence that read “we were hit hard by chargebacks that put us in the negative and we are still digging our way out. As soon as that is handled we will be back on track”.

That’s been the total communication from Troy James in 2017, until March, after promising me again during 2016 that he would always keep me informed – weekly.

In March, Troy James said he would be receiving money from significant funds about to come through and “I will be able to pay you out quickly from these proceeds once this happens”.

That hasn’t happened and not a single dollar has come through in 2017 from his Affluence Network earnings or anything else. Troy James has now repeated that he has NO money but is hoping more will come through in the coming weeks and months.

Hence, there is still an outstanding $122,336.00 before the 10% or 15% interest Troy James also promised to pay at various times.

I take responsibility for my disastrous decisions and believing in Troy James. But, I would also like Troy James to finally take responsibility for all his broken promises to so many people.

In summary, I gave over $185,000.00 to Troy James and NOT A SINGLE DOLLAR has come back from any of the 40 promised project launches. There was nothing from the promised refunds in almost 2 years either, until late last year after I put up my tiny one paragraph website. I am sharing my story  in the hope that other families will not be devastated as much as we have been by Troy James’ repeated pattern of behaviour.

Troy James promised dozens and dozens of deliverables over this 2+ years eg Troy James promised a number of launches or initiatives were to happen the very next day or next week – how can perpetual deferrals keep happening that close to a launch? How can I be told in 2015 that “your refund money is being organised to be sent as we speak” and yet that never arrive, again and again?

In my opinion, this behaviour is well outside normal business arrangements or the common delays in software development. All we’ve seen is just more inconsistencies and missed deadlines from Troy James.

There was no training or education component to most of these Troy James projects. – It was simply dollars in and dollars out for a promised product launch to happen within weeks or months. It would have been good to see just one of those actually happen for a few dollars, putting aside the millions Troy James promised.

I hope that by sharing my experiences with Troy James others will heed the warnings about The Affluence Network.

[Full name supplied, but withheld on request].

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