The Troy James Story Questions That Need Answering

Troy James The Affluence Network Questions
Troy James The Affluence Network Questions

These Troy James Story Questions Need Answering!

For many years, Troy James has claimed he “works for the rich and famous”. – Troy James has NEVER provided ANY proof of this!

This claim is in the mind of Troy James only. 

Troy James is completely unable to substantiate ANY of these wild claims that he’s done any work at all for the ‘rich and famous’.  This is just one of the Troy James made up lines, in a vain effort to create credibility.

DO YOUR FACT CHECKING PEOPLE!  If it is really true, Troy James would be able to provide genuine, confirm-able references of this work, allegedly over the space of many years. HE CANNOT!  *Don’t be fooled, simply posing with celebrities can be done by anyone nowdays.  😉

Troy James claims to be a “Viral Marketer” Troy James provides ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF of being a Viral Marketer!

Here is the Troy James Exposed proof the Troy James ‘Viral Marketer’ claims are FALSE

The Troy James Green Chum / GC Money Tree Pyramid Scheme from 2008 needs some explaining, please Troy James!

What happened to all the money for starters?!  Troy James also claimed he had purchased hundreds of acres to plant trees on, (photos supplied of course lol) with a large % already planted. What happened to the land & trees, or were they just more made up stories too, Troy James?

WHY have you changed your name so often Troy James, creating multiple email addresses, social media profiles, trading entities etc to match over the last TEN YEARS?

Troy James / Troy Hogg aliases since 2007

Troy James Unreal Amazon Findings

Troy James took many thousands of dollars from people, on the claim he was creating companies to sell stock on Amazon. Troy James claimed he had paid lawyers, purchased stock, rented a warehouse and employed staff for these undertakings. – NONE OF THIS IS TRUE, no refunds provided!

You can read further details here: Troy James Unreal Amazon Findings  We can’t wait to hear your excuses on this one Troy James, don’t forget we have all the videos & Skype chats where you make these false claims.  Besides, we’re sure more than a few of The Affluence Network founders got burnt in this little scam.  😉


Troy James Significance TV Series

Troy James claimed he had signed a contract, and paid $6 million dollars for a 15% share in the Significance TV show, which he then proceeded to on-sell, along with various ‘meet the cast’ and marketing opportunities. – ALL CLAIMS WERE FALSE!

NO contract with the Significance TV producers ever existed, Troy James DID NOT pay $6 million, or any amount, for any share of the show. You can read our reporting of the Troy James Significance TV Fraud, but we’d still love to hear what Troy James has to say on the subject.


Troy James Lifetime Purely Hosting

What a joke.  In July 2014, Troy James offered lifetime cloud hosting on Purely Hosting servers, with a money-back guarantee.  The payments for the Purely Hosting offer Troy presented ($267.00  –  $1,997.00, depending on the hosting plan) were processed via JV Zoo, who banned him after the complaints over this, and other dubious dealings. – THE LIFETIME DEAL WITH PURELY HOSTING NEVER EXISTED!

Troy James also offered 70 shares in the ‘buy-out’ of the hosting company, at $4,000.00 per .5% share.  – ALL CLAIMS WERE FALSE!


Troy James UNDELIVERED Products, Courses and Softwares

We were going to detail and explain each undelivered Troy James course or software, but realize it would simply take too long to fully complete, given  the YEARS of broken promises and outright lies from Troy James.

Bid Bullion & the Max Keiser Silver Coins we’d like to see a valid explanation. (selling non-existent silver coins)

360 degree cameras, slushie machines, video greeting cards, trips to China, Yo Coin, VRM – Viral Retargeting Mastery (a video course, still undelivered after 3 years of excuses!), Hat Trick Method, Buying out Existing Brands, any number of promised Udemy courses, Video Junkie, Geo Mobilizer, Geo Retargeter, $100k in 30 days, Syndnair, PPP, Facebook App Club, Way Cool Tool software JV (PLUS the sale of re-seller territories for the undelivered WCT software!), QR Reader, custom arcade themes, SoCool Tool JVs, WP Scratch & Win, etc etc.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE:  35 Undelivered softwares ($97.00 11/2015), PLUS: 27 Undelivered softwares ($2,400.00 11/2015), PLUS:  121 Undelivered softwares  ($597.00 2/2014)

Don’t forget this Troy James update from JUNE 2014, where Troy James once again promises to ‘deliver the world’. – STILL NOTHING HAS BEEN LAUNCHED or DELIVERED since June 2014.

The above details are certainly not an exhaustive list of the failed launches Troy James has promised over the last 3-4 years alone.

Troy James Exposed feels that the above questions need serious answers directly from Troy James himself!

We hope anyone reading this will come to understand the true depth and number of undelivered products & software, and broken promises from Troy James. If it was only a couple of products, or the odd failed launch, we could understand that. IT IS NOT



NEXT:  Troy James Exposed will look at the outstanding refunds Troy James still owes. – Just ONE PERSON has been waiting to be refunded OVER USD $120,000.00 for more than TWO YEARS!

#TroyStory  #EffluentNetwork

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