The Affluence Network – The Effluent Network

The Affluence Network - Troy James, Jeremy Smith, Ron Washburn
The Affluence Network - Troy James, Jeremy Smith, Ron Washburn

The Affluence Network better known as  The Effluent Network

We know it won’t take long for The Affluence Network to firmly establish itself as The Effluent Network, because it’s already being called The Effluent Network in Internet Marketing (IM) circles.

MANY people have been forewarned about the new internet marketing ploy known as The Affluence Network the serial marketing FAILURE Troy James is pulling the strings for.

Both Troy James and Jeremy Smith, aka Jack Topper have changed their names yet again, for this new scheme they’re calling ‘The Affluence Network’.

As we revealed in another article, Troy James ( Troy ‘R’ James for the last few years, until recently) tried to launch ‘Affluence Network’ in 2015, leaving EVERYONE out of pocket.

Jeremy Smith, after years of building up his name as Jack Topper, including Facebook, Skype and LinkedIn profiles etc,  is suddenly revealing he’s been using a fake name for years, and is going back to using his actual name;  Jeremy Thomas Smith.

Could it be that the names Troy R James and Jack Topper had too much bad publicity between them?

– Time for a quick name alteration, and you’re no longer immediately recognizable in the search engines as a scammer!  Certainly a tried and true practice method Troy Hogg / James has used for the past decade.  [Yes Troy, we have a LONG list of your aliases]  Subtle name and or “company” name and email address changes every few years are a favorite of Troy James. (Just look, he’s now using The Affluence Network email address to hide behind!)

So, with hopes people quickly forget the involvement of Troy James in the Bid Bullion and Max Keiser Silver coins scandal, any undelivered software, or magic Internet Marketing courses that were never heard of again, or even Troy’s Yo Coin MLM involvement, [Now thinly re-branded for The Affluence Network TAN cryprocurrency LMAO], both Jeremy Smith aka Jack Topper and Troy James are asking for your money AGAIN in the name of  The Affluence Effluent Network.

Yes, the guys behind the Yo Coin  MLM cryptocurrency FAILURE are now in bed with Troy James and Jeremy Smith!

The Affluence Network Multi Level Marketing Scam – Watch it Implode.

Troy James Exposed would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on this new ‘The Affluence Effluent Network’ that Troy James and Jeremy Smith are trying one last ditch effort to launch.

Ask yourself these simple questions about The Affluence Network;
  1. Do you really want to be involved with people who frequently change their name, in order to hide from creditors / refunders?
  2. Why Troy James STILL HASN’T REFUNDED EVERYONE?  ($200+k STILL outstanding!)
  3. What happened about the Troy James Purely Hosting Lifetime Hosting ‘deals’? – ALL LIES! NO refunds, No hosting, BANNED from JVZoo
  4. What happened about the Troy James Significance TV FRAUD? ALL LIES and PROVEN FRAUD!
  5. What happened about the Troy James FAKE Amazon stock purchases? – Troy created FALSE INVOICES & stock orders, [We have video PROOF], Troy James claimed he had warehouses and had employed staff.  – ALL LIES! NO stock, No warehouse, No staff
  6. Why are The Affluence Network ‘Trainers’ owed money by Troy James. – UNDELIVERED SOFTWARE and FAILED Joint Ventures!

As we mentioned in another article about The Affluence / Effluent Network, this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as unscrupulous dealings go for Troy James and Jeremy Smith.

Stay tuned for more The Affluence Network TRUTH.

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