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The Affluence Network
The Affluence Network

The Affluence Network (TAN) is launching AGAIN!

Been awaiting the launch of  THE Affluence Network?

The Affluence Network is relaunching again, after Troy James failed miserably to launch the ‘Affluence Network’ in 2015,  just check out the video where:  Troy James speaks about The Affluence Network.

So, a quick ‘rebrand’ to:  THE Affluence Network (TAN), ready for a fresh start in 2017 and away you go.

The Affluence Network polished and ready for launch in 2017.

Unsurprisingly, Troy James still hasn’t paid back the people who bought the Affluence Network ‘shares’ in 2015. LMAO!

And seemingly no explanation as to what happened with the original proposed Affluence Network launch party in Toronto, where people had paid good money to meet the cast of Significance TV.

We think The Affluence Network is best summed up as follows:

Nobody knows the truth. The only reason why anybody still follows Troy is because they need money back from him.

Following the link on the quote above, you’ll see they’re not our words, but we feel this really sums up the ‘trainers’ and others involved with  promoting  The Affluence Network.

If someone asks YOU to join The Affluence Network, or you see them making sales videos, or perhaps ‘The Affluence Network Review’ websites etc, ask them one simple question:    How much money does Troy James still owe you?

If Troy James DOESN’T owe the person any money, or perhaps an undelivered product or software or two;  We’ll bet they’ve been ‘involved’ with Troy et al for  LESS THAN A YEAR.  –  Mark our words!

The Affluence Network is just another bold attempt by Troy R James and his dubious ‘partners’ to raise more funds.

Considering the people involved, we’re confident ‘The Affluence Network’ will soon be better known as:   ‘The Effluent Network’

** If researching The Affluence Network has bought you here, and this is your first time on the Troy James Exposed website, welcome!

We urge you to DO YOUR RESEARCH on The Affluence Network, Troy James and Jeremy Smith aka Jack Topper.

The information you find available about The Affluence Network on this site is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dealing with these characters.  Perhaps Professor Wiseman is the new patsy?

Wait for our full:   ‘The Affluence Network Review & Comments’  real soon.   😉

#EffluentNetwork  #TAN

The Affluence Network truth available here.

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