The Affluence Network SendReach Autoresponder

The Affluence Network SendReach Autoresponder

The Affluence Effluent Network is using the SendReach Autoresponder platform to offer their over-priced, under-valued $97.00 a month MLM autoresponder service.

Troy James Exposed has nothing against SendReach, or any of its staff for that matter, but we have to wonder if SendReach were fully aware of Troy James and his dubious background before dealing with him.  – Our guess is SendReach will find out soon enough.  😉

As you can see from the above Skype screen-shot taken January 2017  between Troy James, aka Troy Hogg and Jeremy Smith, aka Jack Topper, The Affluence Network is already struggling for money, especially when they’re trying to stop payment for The Affluence Network autoresponder service to SendReach.

Are Troy James and Jeremy Smith already feeling the pinch of financial desperation?

Is The Affluence Network already financially crippled??


As you can see from the Skype conversation between Troy James and Jeremy Smith (Jack Topper on Skype) it looks like The Affluence Network will be moving from the SendReach platform in the near future anyway.  The comments made by Troy James in his video would also seem to indicate that the Affluence Network’s relationship with SendReach may be more than a little rocky.

We wonder where that will leave the new The Affluence Network MLM recruits while Troy James and Jeremy Smith scurry to find a replacement autoresponder service that will still deal with them.

The Affluence Network [TAN] names The Affluence Network as a PONZI scheme




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