The Affluence Network Scam Email from Troy James

The Affluence Network Scam Email from Troy James
The Affluence Network Scam Email from Troy James

The Affluence Network Scam Email from Troy James.

Note: YOUR  ‘The Affluence Network Email Invite’ might not come directly from Troy James himself. You could receive The Affluence Network Email Invite from Jeremy Smith aka Jack Topper, or others involved in this dubious Multi Level Marketing (MLM) scam.

Wherever the email comes from, we urge you to USE CAUTION when dealing with ANYONE involved in The Affluence Network!

The Affluence Network Email Invite  [Our comments in red]

Or, as we know it will soon become known as;  The Effluent Network.  (Just look at the ‘track record’ of the people involved!)


From: “TheAffluenceNetwork .com” <[email protected] .com>
Subject: Welcome to The Affluence Network! [Effluent Network!]
Date: 23 February 2017
To:  ME


This is Troy James [aka Troy R James, aka Troy Hogg, aka Troy R Hogg, aka Troy Richard Hogg, aka Richard Hogg, aka ‘TJ’.] and I want to thank you for participating in what has been my passion for the past 8 years.

The Affluence Network has really been a love hate passion of mine since I thought of it over eight years ago now. LOL! Hate is probably too much of a negative word but the development of The Affluence Network (TAN) wasn’t always roses and sunshine. Over those 8 years I have experienced a lot of ups and downs. [Yes, which you have bought upon yourself.]

I have made fortunes and lost fortunes [But there’s no proof of course 😉 ] by trusting the wrong people who then turn around and try to damage your credibility [YOU don’t have ANY credibility Troy. LMAO] but, overall, a few bad eggs was not going to stop my vision.  [The Affluence Network Scam]

My vision was and still is a several part equation that ends in a better world for all involved. I see TAN [The Affluence Network] as a place where we provide the tools for you to become successful in every way we know that works on the internet currently. [The Affluence Network provide NO PROOF of this.]  Every single one of those options is in The Affluence Network! Everything from becoming a writer to creating digital products to sell to the masses, or teaching a course for recurring earnings, or taking advantage of the cryptocurrency trends happening as I type this, or just a new twist on an age old concept of spreading the word by mouth in a traditional network marketing format in a modern aged concept that has never been done before.

My vision of TAN is also that of having millions of people [There’s 52 people in The Affluence Network Facebook group, most still owed money. lol] in a concept that genuinely betters their lives and helps them to become financially free from the burdens of debt the majority of the world faces today, then taking their new found wealth and helping others in need. [YAWN]

When I turn on the news or even social media any more it makes me sick to think how the world is in total chaos today and more animals are becoming extinct or endangered than ever before.

I designed a place where like minded people can come and join together as a group that can help turn a negative into a positive. Imagine one million people campaigning for a clean water initiative that all have made a lot of money. Imagine the impact just that one campaign could have. [Imagine Troy James paying back ALL the people he STILL owes. Imagine!]

Over my years of experience in marketing for the rich and famous [Again, NO PROOF.] I learned so much and saw even more. My eyes were opened and I can’t deny that for my own selfish reasons TAN was born into reality. I saw too many people hurting and being taken advantage of [Yes, by YOUR scams Troy, like The Affluence Network.] and I figured that if I bring all the smartest minds that are having the greatest success at business on the internet together [Because you still owe them all A LOT of money.] and shared what they know with the masses we would actually create a force that can cause change for the better.

Again, I want to say thank you for seeing the same visions and being a part of this monumental launch that will be spoken [LAUGHED] about for decades to come.

Together we are the difference!


Troy R. James (Hogg)  <<< [Troy now HAS to come clean about his REAL name, because we’ve publicized it so much.]


So, The Affluence Network prospects BEWARE.


The Effluent Network

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