Google is Watching YOU – Updated!

The Affluence Network Cyber Attack on Troy James Exposed
The Affluence Network Cyber Attack on Troy James Exposed

Google is not as Dumb as you think, Troy James

*** UPDATED  29 March 2017 – SEE BELOW!

Seriously, take note Troy James and The Affluence Network MLM Ponzi Scheme cohorts;

When a website about Troy James has a VERY (very) LOW ‘bounce rate’  across the entire site and pages, and the average user visit to a page on Troy James Exposed is counted in minutes, not seconds, don’t you think it’s going to ring alarm bells and draw attention when a couple of very specific pages suddenly show a massive increase in direct traffic, at a 100% bounce rate?

It seems the recent Troy James Exposed article:   Who Runs The Affluence Network?  has warranted such attention from Troy James and The Affluence Network MLM Ponzi Scheme ‘marketers’ (a very loose term, we know. 😉 ).

A lone page suddenly jumping to an almost 100% bounce rate DOES draw the attention of the site owners.  And Google once they’re advised.

Apparently Google takes a dim view of someone purposely trying to manipulate their search results via mechanical means.  –  Go Figure!

Google even have special code they get you to put on your website for it.  😉

Can you imagine a possible conversation if this was reported to Google?

Perhaps something like this might ensue;

“Hi, we run a small website that is revealing the truth about a well known conman.  We have noticed some unusual behavior in our website stats recently, [details provided], and think we know the deliberate cause. The person our site exposes is connected to a developer who has created software to deliberately manipulate Google search engine rankings. We feel this software is being used against our site in an attempt to suppress the information we publish.”

Do you think Google is interested in hearing about software and tactics designed to manipulate their rankings?   [Yes is the correct answer!]

Fast forward to today.

Think Troy James Exposed is making this up?

Here’s details about the software from the developer, in a Troy James Skype group.

The Affluence Network's Bryan St Armand explains Logic Traffic
The Affluence Network’s developer explains his software in a Troy James Skype group


The developer is also a member of The Affluence Network MLM Ponzi Scheme.
The Affluence Network Bryan St Armand The Affluence Network MLM Ponzi Scheme sponsor
The Affluence Network MLM Ponzi Scheme sponsor


Troy James Exposed wonders if the developer is aware (or complicit in) his software being used in a deliberate cyber attack against this website.  We hope not.  ** SEE UPDATE **

Funny (not really) how one page on Troy James Exposed which reveals the truth about who runs The Affluence Network can suddenly be the focus of so much attention.  Why THAT page about The Affluence Network in particular?  Shows you what The Affluence Network people will get up to when their game is EXPOSED.  LMAO

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**  UPDATE 29 MARCH 2017  **

THANK YOU to the developer referred to above for getting in touch, and explaining his position

From: Bryan <xxxx>
Subject: Thank you for the notification

Message Body:
Hey there, I just saw the recent post about the possible use of software being used to try to lower the ranking of this site. I do not monitor user accounts projects with a close eye, and never know what sites are receiving traffic. All projects attempting to send bounce traffic to this site have been removed from the system. I can assure that nobody will be using anything I have developed to harm any rankings….besides, the system is unable to generate the number of bounces required to lower a site that is already dominating page 1, it simply was not designed to do this and is incapable. The bouncing feature has never been advertised or promoted to be used in a way that would harm a website’s rankings, nor do I condone negative SEO techniques. I appreciate the post revealing this and will make sure this doesn’t happen again.

As you have mentioned my involvement with TAN, I am not an active paying member, nor did I register an account to be added. I was added automatically way back in the beginning before I had stopped developing for TJ…..before the letter I wrote was written and you posted it on this site………….

I will also take this opportunity to make yet another request to have my letter in your “Bryan Blows the Lid on Troy R James SCAMS!” post removed. [Article now removed.] This was sent to people personally and was never intended on being published. I would appreciate the reciprocal common courtesy.



THANK YOU for getting in touch and clarifying your position Bryan, we didn’t really think you would be involved in under-handed tactics with Troy James and The Affluence Network.

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