Fake News Websites Claim Troy James has Paid

Troy James aka Troy R James aka Troy Hogg


We have received several emails concerning Troy James, aka Troy Hogg, and the fact he and his The Affluence Network ‘partners’ have set up websites claiming that Troy James has paid all his debts.

This IS NOT TRUE in ANY Way.

Troy James STILL REFUSES to repay his debts (refunds), MANY YEARS after promising to do so.

WHY do you still refuse to refund TROY?  Just ONE REFUND is over $122k!

You may have fooled others into believing you have done the right thing and repaid people, BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Troy R James still owes a HUGE AMOUNT IN REFUNDS.  Yes, HUGE!

Also of particular note is the people still owed money from the Troy James Purely Hosting SCAM.

As the attacks on this website increase, and fake “Troy R James Has Paid” websites appear, our resolve  will only increase to Expose the TRUTH surrounding Troy James and The Affluence Network.  This will continue until ALL debts are repaid.  We have a great deal more research to be published yet, so stay tuned.   😉