BadBitCoin Reviews The Affluence Network

The Affluence Network Review by BadBitCoin - 1st March 2017
The Affluence Network Review by BadBitCoin - 1st March 2017

The Affluence Network Review by

The Bad Bitcoin Project has already unmasked The Affluence Network for the SCAM that it is.

Feedback from the website provides the following opinion on The Affluence Network.

It is about as much vaguery as you can fit on a website, and may fool a lot of people.

These fake coins they’ve invented to go with it are just ridiculous.
The bottom line, following our own investigations is, that it’s a ponzi/fraud, and it will be added to our badlist.

So there you have it, according to the respected Bad Bitcoin Project, which specializes in revealing scammers in the cryptocurrency world, they have determined after their investigations that;

   ” The Affluence Network is a ponzi / fraud scheme.

The news that The Affluence Network has been labelled a fraud and a ponzi scheme certainly comes as no surprise to us here at Troy James Exposed, as we’ve revealed the dealings of Troy James and Jeremy Smith over several years.

The Affluence Network ponzi scheme is trying to launch almost ten years after Troy James, using the name Troy Hogg, launched ‘Green Chum‘, another fraudulent MLM scheme.

Here at Troy James Exposed, we’re positive that the review of The Affluence Network by Bad Bitcoin won’t be the first of its kind revealing The Affluence Network as a TOTAL SCAM.



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