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Troy R James is Toxic
Fighting Troy's misinformation about Significance TV

We have recently had a few fun engagements with the person currently calling himself Troy R James. He likes to be  known as the Internet’s “viral marketer”, but that’s only a term he coined himself.

When Troy R James approached us as someone who wanted to invest in the Significance TV show, we were SO excited. I am making a youtube video soon with all the recorded calls I have of Troy saying he was going to invest 11 Million dollars in October of 2015 after he finished the purchase of his (fake) hosting company.  We were okay with that. Troy James told us that he would help us get all the funding via a marketing campaign he would put together for us. We agreed he could do that, it’s just a shame we didn’t know the REAL truth about him at the time.  🙁

Troy put together packages for people to buy, such as t-shirts, autographed pics, and a cast meet and greet in Toronto that he was going to pay for.  Troy R James told us he was going to fly out all of our cast and us the producers to Canada for this huge event. We loosely agreed to the packages, awaiting more information, and he continued to tell us he was going to launch the campaign.  Troy said that for a month straight!  He kept saying he was sick or people asked him to wait so they could free up space on their credit cards… yada yada yada.

Troy R James finally launched this campaign that was supposedly going to 60,000 people (all his customers lol).

” He told us we would make millions off his marketing campaign and be able to fund the Significance pilot episode and possibly more. “

Let me back up. When we started working with him, I’ll be clear, we NEVER signed a contract with Troy R James.  HE NEVER SIGNED A NDA!!  NEVER.   So for him to tell you that, is a huge, big,  fat lie!  He NEVERRRRR bought 15% of our company!! I bet you a million dollars he never did. Ask Troy James to show you the contract! Troy will lie and say he’s not allowed, but seeing as I am the creator of the show, giving him public allowance to do so, I would say its okay! (Even tho it doesn’t exist lol)  Ask Troy R James to show you any contract between Hypnotic Studios and him!!  Ask Troy to show you his NDA with our letter head on it! Again LIES!!! I am just sick over how Troy R James deceived people in the name of my Significance TV show!

So back to the campaign. We received several small package purchases for $47 and $27 and 1 for $250 and 1 for $1997 purchase. The total was $2892 after paypal fees. That is all we ever received from that campaign. Troy would ask us “get any more money?” and we kept telling him no.  He said; “Well it will come.”  –  And the money just never came!    Troy R James was paying us via his paypal company E-Conomyware.   So I am now finding out people were buying percentages of the Significance TV Series that he was  ILLEGALLY selling  and they were sending the money directly to him!  Yes, he was sending us money to pay for things like our big SuperCon Trip in Miami for our cast and the trip to LA for a cast photo shoot and video we made for the affluence network.  He sure was a smart dummy!

Getting us to play right along with his scheme so he could take thousands and thousands of dollars from innocent people in the name of  Significance TV!!!

When we were in Miami, Troy R James had problems with his credit cards and I had to pay for a $1000.00 dinner that he demanded we spend, since he didn’t have the funds! The next day, Troy paypal’d us the $1k back. I am guessing he suckered someone else into sending him money so he could keep up the facade. He even rented 2 sports cars so he could look cool and let one of the cast members drive it!  Talk about a waste of money!

So I just found out he sent a message to his Significance skype group saying on July 28th 2015 that tonight he is closing the Significance TV offer and he had 31 positions still available. This was AFTER he had tried to do a hostile takeover of my company with Emily Sky (Gossett).

Obviously, Troy R James was illegally stating he had purchased a 15% ownership in the Significance TV Series, claiming he paid $6 million for this (alleged) 15% stake of the show.  Mr Troy James had absolutely NO authorization to do so.

There is no way I would be selling off shares of my company, Hypnotic Studios!

Recently, Troy sent me this email threatening me to remove my posting or he would sue me with his US attorneys and Canadian attorneys. lol I laughed at this email! Of course, days later, I still haven’t heard anything further from him – no surprises there.  I have attached Troy’s threat email, so you can see it for your own eyes.  (click to enlarge)

Troy R James threat email 3 June 2016
Troy R James threat email 3 June 2016

Troy James then went on my Instagram page for Significance and posted some ridiculous comment from a new, fake Instagram account.  You can all have a laugh at Troy’s comments:

Troy's Instagram post.
Troy’s Instagram post.

Troy R James will do whatever he can to bully someone into doing what he wants. He is all blow and NO go! I am not afraid of someone who cowardly hides behind his computer, taking hard-earned money from innocent people and threatening them with legal action when they don’t agree with him or call him out on his crap.

More exposing information will come soon, we’re determined to get the truth out there about Troy’s Significance TV Series Scam!

Sincerely your friend,

Candace Charee’ Basques.

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