More Significance TV Series LIES

Significance TV Lies
Troy R James Significance TV Lies

More Troy R James LIES about his role and ownership of the Significance TV Series.


This was used to entice people to invest with him on the Significance TV Series  – Troy was re-selling 5% of the show, which of course he didn’t own, and had no right or authorization to do so.

Enough said, don’t you think???  😉

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  1. This is such a riot. It’s a shame the guy can lie through his teeth so easily. I’ve watched him for almost 5 years make offer after offer without delivering ONE thing. I have spoke to people literally in tears because of the thousands and thousands of dollars this guy has stolen from them.

    It’s a shame really. I just wish somehow the people who still believe they’ll get $ would see this website and learn the truth. He JUST DOES NOT EVER DELIVER! This guy needs to be behind bars.

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