Judgement time for Troy R James
Troy R James to face the music, TRUTH REVEALED!


Hello everyone,

This is Candace Charee’, the creator, producer and writer for Significance TV show by Shelly Crane. I am here to set the record straight, with facts and hard evidence! I began working with Emily Gossett (sky, Mcguirk, Michelle, Subko) in late 2012. She contacted me via fb on another page I was running for a different production. I began consulting for her until she offered me a position to be her partner in the Significance journey. I agreed a month later and we became fast friends.

We signed a contract with Shelly Crane in 2013 stating we both own the rights to the film/tv series equally. We began producing. We raised funds from loyal fans, which allowed us to travel to LA many times and start casting. We had many great meetings with production companies that most people would die to be in front of. The response was all positive and one company told us this would make a much better TV show than film.

We regrouped and with the help of our writer, we wrote the first episode in the TV series, the Pilot. Several months later after pitching the project to several people, and no luck being picked up, I decided we needed to film 2 of the best scenes from the pilot episode. We started raising funds for the production and casting immediately. We cast everyone pretty quickly. The funds we raised was around $2000 and the rest CAME OUT OF MY POCKET! I have all the proof of this. While in pre production for the shoot, I was 4 months pregnant and developed a blood clot in my lung. I was hospitalized for 3 days in terrible pain! I still worked the whole time and finished casting actors and crew until I got out of the hospital. 3 days later I was on set even though I was advised not to drive anywhere. I gave EVERYTHING to this production.

The whole cast and crew were picked up in my vehicles and some of the crew vehicles. Everyone stayed at my families cabin with my MOTHER cooking for everyone! We filmed at locations that I secured for everyone! My best friend was the Camera operator and him and our First Assistant director really directed the whole thing! Emily had no idea what she was doing. You can ask any crew member and they will agree. I have plenty of behind the scenes videos of her only ever saying action while the guys set up every shot and fixed all her mistakes. She was incredible unprepared and not skilled as a director. She hadn’t even directed anything before significance except for 2 bad rap videos. Don’t believe me? Ask her for her professional reel…

Filming was over and we had to get the video edited. Emily insisted on using our camera man to edit it. It took him almost 2 months to get the work done and when nothing would upload she finally got the footage from him. We wasted precious time because she insisted to use him. Nothing wrong with him, but his programs weren’t working. I had put about $8000 on my personal credit cards to fund this. Again i have proof. Emily was supposed to pay half of these cards and get them paid. She only paid me a small payment on them about 4 times in 2 years. My cards are now in collection because she refused to help me pay.

Skip to several months later when we were frustrated and had no options for any companies to buy significance apart from dealing with a company who was wanting to take over everything. Soon after this Emily was propositioned by Troy R James via instagram! He seemed very reputable and wanted to have a talk with us about paying for the whole first season of Significance! We got on a call with him and he said he was buying a huge domain name company like Go Daddy and in October of 2015, he would have 11 Million dollars to fund our show. We were over the moon about this! He was very believable and we began working with him. We never once signed a contract with him under hypnotic studios (the company we own together). He offered to give us cash to fly to Cali and take professional pictures and film a video for his investors asking for donations. He told us people would be donating enough to fund the full pilot and the money would go directly to us. NONE OF WHICH HAPPENED. He did however send us money via paypal to pay for all the costs of going to SuperCon in Miami last year. We prepped for that and paid some of the actors up front for their pilot fees, which thankfully we did, because they obviously didn’t get to film but were paid for working at SuperCon. I did 90% of the work to get the actors there. I booked every ticket, dealt with the hotel, organized contracts with the agents and managers. I made sure the actors had per diem for their stay. I arranged and had all the merch printed and created. I literally did almost everything to get SuperCon prepped. Emily just basically posted stuff on fb and instagram to look like she was doing something. I can show you every email with agents, actors and conversations I had with people regarding prep for the show.

Let me back up a min. This whole time dealing with Troy, the dynamic shifted between the 3 of us. Originally he would call and text both of us, equally and as it got closer to SuperCon, he stopped talking to me all together and always called Emily. I became suspicious over this and tried to call them out on it. Troy just acted like nothing and Emily played dumb as usual. I knew something was going on. Emily became more distant and rude to me. I knew she was up to something because this wasnt the first time she did shady things with men to get ahead. Our former manager went as far as to send her a new management contract and didn’t tell me. She actually FORGED my signature and I have that call recorded of her admitting to it! She was pissed at me and thought she could get away with it!!! Forgery is a felony! She could be put in jail. I forgave her like I did many times for shady things and we moved on.

So now we arrive in Miami and things are alright for the first night. No cast was there yet. The next day when we were at our hotel and the cast arrives, she instantly buddies up with them and they split off. Literally the whole week my husband and I and our 6 month old baby took care of all the important details while she partied with the cast. Getting SMASHED DRUNK every night! She even went skinny dipping with the cast and was so drunk one night that we had to cancel a table reading the next day. Troy got everyone drunk every night except for Michael Welch and Blaine Grey. They were very professional and left a day early for work, They are real actors who aren’t trying to slime their way to the top by lying and saying whatever needs to be heard to get ahead. My husband and I were appalled at the behavior of everyone. Emily was seen often cozening up to Troy James. I knew something was off! I tried soooooo many times over the week to get emily to talk to me about why she was avoiding me and ignoring me the whole time! I have texts of her saying “I can do what I want. I dont have to talk to you”. I tried many times to have real conversations about her horrific behavior. She was always seen wearing shorts so short her butt was hanging out. I’m sorry but a professional doesn’t get drunk with her cast. Even the actresses had more clothes on than her. She was always trying to just be their “best friends” so they would like her and turn on me. One night, we all had dinner with the cast from the CW show “The 100” and TROY and Emily arranged the seating. I was on the opposite end from the cast. Emily sat right next to the 100 cast and I was again an outcast. I approached her and said privately where NO ONE could hear me, “why are you excluding me so much!? Why are you sitting next to everyone while Im over here in the corner?” She said I don’t have to listen to you. Troy wanted me here and walked away. That was the extent of the conversation. Again they were up to something!!! So the day we were leaving, my husband, baby and I came downstairs to see 4 cast members, the writer, Emily and Troy all around a table. We walked up and they stopped talking. They were obviously talking about me. They all had matching bracelets on. I was pissed! I didn’t say a word. They all got up to leave and I tried to speak to Hollie and Mary about it and they said they had to leave and get ready. NO ONE WOULD TALK TO ME!!! So I went over to Troy’s room and waited for him so I could say good bye and Emily walked up. I pulled her aside and literally whispered asking her what the heck was going on and why is she getting matching bracelets without me!? She said I don’t have to listen to you scream at me and walked away! I was in shock! I never even spoke at normal tone. I would NEVER EVER yell at someone in public especially in a professional setting. My friend Ali was there and witnessed the whole thing. She knew I never even raised my voice. She couldn’t even hear our conversation.

So troy walks up and says “you know shows end like this because of people like you. Making a scene and causing drama. You are the weakest link. Im out. I wont fund this show!” I was mortified! How dare he blame me for Emily ignoring me the whole weekend!!!!!!!! I did nothing wrong. I was so mad I texted the whole cast and told them that this wasnt my fault. I did nothing wrong and Emily ostracized me the whole weekend! Little did I know at the time that THIS WAS ALL A RUSE!!!! So I go on making myself look stupid and crying over something that wasn’t even real!!!

I ran upstairs to Emily’s room and tried to get her to open the door so I could speak to her. She wouldn’t come out! 2 min later as I am waiting for her to come out I get an email from paypal saying “You just transferred $4,000 to Emily Gossett.” She logged into my paypal and STOLE MONEY!!!! She had the password because I had used that account for business purposes before but the account was in my social security number, my name!!!! Then she tried to take $6,000 from my bank account via paypal and it was denied because I didn’t have that much in there. That is felony theft!!!!! Again I have proof of all of it! Why in the world would I just up and transfer money to her when all this just went down? I wouldn’t!! I am pressing charges and she will most likely see jail time. I ran down to the bank so she couldn’t go and take all the money out of there. I got back from the bank and saw her waiting for her car. I confronted her and told her this was all her fault and how dare she take that money!!! She said “oh Troy asked me to transfer it to him”. She admitted that she stole it. I even have it on recording. Something I will save for the police. I told her this was all her fault for being deceitful and excluding me. I said so significance is dead and she said nope I am still going to make it! AGAIN PROOF SHE WAS IN ON THIS THE WHOLE TIME TO GET ME OUT!!!! Then she jumped in her car and left!!

I was crushed! My whole world was crashing around me and I couldn’t do anything about it!! 5 of the cast members and even one of my very dear friends, our writer, blocked me on fb and everything! Some of the cast began to slander me! They all thought the show was still happening and that I was “fired”. lol You can’t fire the owner of a company unless its a publicly traded company and you are voted out.

The next day good old Troy James called me up and and said he wanted to buy me out and they planned on making the show the whole time without me!!!! He told me that him, Emily, some of the cast, all voted me out!!! He said his “people” want her. She was easy to mold into whatever they want!! I told Troy, you need to send me a real offer via a lawyer. He said he would have something by the next day. Nothing came. The next day he said lawyers are all busy because of holiday and he sent his offer himself. The offer was a slap in the face for all the work I did to make the show happen! I carried this show on my back for 3 years! Emily basically did nothing! Because she doesn’t know how to produce anything of value. Which is obvious in her recent work. Garbage! I told Troy, I will not speak to him about this until he had a real lawyer send me an offer. He then got pissed at me and said NOPE we are going ahead with plan B!!! I said okay, try it! So he then tried to theaten me and bully me into just giving up my rights to the show without ANY compensation. He hired a lawyer for Emily and this lawyer also tried to say I had no rights and that Shelly could sign a new contract with Emily no problem! Again NOT TRUE! I have a 5 year contract with Shelly Crane, which ends in 2019! All I wanted was to be paid fairly for my work. Emily was going to make millions off the show and they wanted me to get a few hundred thousand broken up over a year. Had I actually signed that deal, I would had signed over my rights to TROY and had NOOOOO money to show for it!! WE alll know hes a huge scam artist.

Emily went on to produce the show with out me. I was okay with that because when she got real funding, I was going to sue her for half of everything. You don’t get to scam someone out of their rights and not pay for it! She prepped the show for a whole month with Troy paying her VIA paypal LOL. No money ever went into escrow! She signed contracts with troy and with Shelly via Panoramik Productions, her sole company. All the crew contracts were under Panoramik Productions (now called Blondie Films). During this whole time, I tried to talk to Shelly! I called her several times to warn her about this! I sent several texts and she never responded to me!!! Shes a coward and afraid of confrontation. She just hid away and decided to go with Emily because its easier to try and save face then show the world that your project is a failure.

So a week before the cast was to fly out to New Hampshire, she cancelled filming because TROY BAILED ON HER! KARMA!!! He stopped sending her money via paypal, but not after she took a lot of that money for herself! She blamed it on locations, but thats obviously not true, because if she had the money, she would have rescheduled the filming! That never happened. meanwhile, I was quiet and let them try to make it. Emily left several people in the lurch and didn’t pay many vendors and crew members!! All of which I have proof! She has had a whole year to get the money from someone and make the show!! I never stood in the way. She still never made it. Now I see shes posting things like “we are still moving forward aces” bla bla bla bla bla bla bla! and so I got pissed, for THE FANS!!!!! The fans who gave thousands of dollars for her to squander this whole thing away!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want the fans to know the truth!! I will be posting phone calls, emails, text and fb messages. She hated the fans! she constantly would complain about you fans! I have screen shots of her saying stupid fans I hate them! Shelly, is lying about all of this too! She doesn’t want to admit she was wrong. Instead she blames me!???? They had a freaking year to make something happen without me! The closest this show got to being a reality was with me! I am the producer, Emily was the flashy face of it and that is really it! I am going to sue both of them and press charges against Emily for theft and forgery! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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