When is an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) not an NDA?

What’s the story with Non-Disclosure (NDA), or Confidentiality Agreements we hear you ask?

Here at Troy James Exposed, we’re all for confidentiality, (just ask the people who have already privately sent in their stories / testimonials revealing the depth of  Troy’s woes.  Thank you. 😉  ), so accordingly, we’d like to clear up some reported misconceptions surrounding Confidentiality Agreements, and point out a few of our  ‘Recommended NDA Must Haves’.  Hopefully, you will find the following information helpful in any future dealings you may have.  😀

** Recommended NDA Must Haves **

Proper, VERIFIABLE Identification.

Exactly WHO are you dealing with?

Make sure you get the person’s full, correct, legal name, preferably including date of birth (DOB).  These details are all easily Verifiable via passport, drivers license, or other Government photo identity.  You could even ask if they’ve ever been known by another name, just in case!

If you’re dealing with a business or supposed corporate entity (Especially if it appears to be new, or has no ‘track record’.), make sure you get their full company / business registration number, and that this can further be confirmed with the relevant registering authority.

Any company’s REGISTERED BUSINESS ADDRESS should be easily confirmed, and should certainly be included within the Non-Disclosure Agreement.  ( Oh how we love a GOOD NDA lol)

” Depending on the level of your investment, it’s maybe worth checking who the company directors / shareholders are, as sometimes new companies can be set up by associates (or JV Partners etc) as a ‘front’ for people who have had shady dealings in the past. “

” In our opinion, a verifiable, REACHABLE Phone Number is essential in all dealings. “

It might sound silly, but will the person you’re dealing / investing with be able to be readily reached?  Especially if you’re thinking of  (or already have!) committing large sums of  hard-earned CA$$$H.

Will they actually divulge their phone number, so that they can be contacted?  If they want you to trust them, or ‘invest’, or purchase a JV Partnership, buy software or whatever new dealings there may be at the time etc.   Surely you’re entitled to be able to contact them directly,  in the unlikely event you may need a refund, products aren’t delivered, or simply if things seem ‘fishy’.   Don’t you think?  😉
Oh, and of course, don’t settle for a voicemail box either, you want REAL communication.

Ok, so that’s a not-so-quick summary of the information which as a minimum should be included on any Confidentiality Agreement you may be asked to sign, especially if you’re being asked to sign an NDA electronically.

Suggested Non-Disclosure Agreement Inclusions / Format:


1. [[INDIVIDUAL Name] of [full address]]

OR [[COMPANY Name], a company incorporated in [State/Country] (registration number [registration number]), having its registered office at [full address],

and Phone Contact on: [phone number]. Formal EMAIL Contact on: [email address]]  (the “Disclosor”); and

2. [[INDIVIDUAL Name] of [full address]]

OR [[COMPANY NAME], a company incorporated in [State/Country] (registration number [registration number]), having its registered office at [full address],

and Phone Contact on: [phone number]. Formal EMAIL Contact on: [email address]]  (the “Recipient”).

So there you have it!   A few choice, wise words from us here at Troy R James Exposed.   If you’re considering signing an NDA, whether it be with good old fashioned pen and paper, or via electronic means, we hope you heed our words.   ** Remember, when ‘signing’ NDA agreements on a website, with a new company you’ve only just heard of, not supplying full and complete company details,  you really must  PLEASE EXERCISE COMPLETE CAUTION.


We will leave you with one last thought:

Always use CAUTION when you’re verifying information and identification:  Sometimes you have to question the validity of a ‘screenshot’ too!  IF there’s ANY doubt, get the person to do a quick LIVE video chat with you to confirm the info, it’ll take 30 seconds, and be time well spent.



  1. A NDA as used to sell IM stuff is not at all enforceable and nothing more than a trick used to make people considering buying something think it’s more valuable than it really is. It’s useless.

    • We agree with you totally Simon.
      It seems NDAs have started to become a favoured item in one particular little corner of the Internet Marketing community. Well, that and ‘JV Partnerships’.
      That’s why we stress going into things with open eyes, and making sure you’re not dealing with just another made up entity.

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