The Troy James Story [aka Troy R James, aka Troy Hogg]

Troy James Exposed
Troy James Exposed

The Troy James Story**

WHERE is the Troy James ‘story’ that Troy James himself promised to provide in June 2016? (** See Troy James June 2016 email promise **)

The Troy James Story, like everything else Troy James promises, remains undelivered.

Troy James was using his actual name, Troy Hogg when he first came to notoriety in Canada by scamming people via the Green Chum and GC Money Tree pyramid schemes in early 2008 – 2009.

Since 2008, Troy James has actively changed his own name and business identities, approximately every two – three years.

Known Troy James identities / aliases  2007 – 2017:

  1. Troy Hogg
  2. Troy James Hogg
  3. Troy R Hogg
  4. TJ
  5. Troy James
  6. Troy R James
  7. Troy Richard James Hogg (Troy James’ ACTUAL FULL name, rarely used!)
  8. Matt Huggins (*unconfirmed if Troy James IS ACTUALLY Matt Huggins, from 2012-14 communications)

and now in 2017, Troy James is back to using both names of:  Troy James AND Troy Hogg!

And yet, Troy James STILL OFFERS NO EXPLANATION as to WHY Troy James switches his names so regularly?

Known Troy James trading identities / ‘companies’  2007 – 2017:

  1. Green Chum
  2. GC Money Tree (see Green Chum)
  3. Black Creek Media and Consulting
  4. Bid Bullion
  5. E-Conomyware
  6. Affluence Network (2015 Troy James Failure)
  7. TJL Holdings
  8. Affluence Network International Ltd  (Frontman Jeremy Smith, aka Jack Topper)
  9. UNY – Unity Ingot Cryptocurrency – Launched ‘arm’s length’ via Jeremy T Smith, with no mention of  The Affluence Network

Above is a quick history of the aliases Troy James has used over the past decade.

PLEASE, Troy James, could you provide a legitimate reason for subtly changing your name and trading identities every few years?

Troy James Exposed calls you out, yet again Troy James!

Troy James Exposed understands that, through our constant revealing of the Troy James name changes, Troy James is now forced to use both names; Troy Hogg AND Troy James.

No more hiding Mr Troy James!

Next, Troy James email June 2016: Claims Troy James will reveal the whole ‘Troy James Story’ – More undelivered Troy James promises!

What is The Affluence Network?

Who Owns The Affluence Network?

Is The Affluence Network Bankrupt?

Poor Troy James aka Troy Hogg

#TroyStory #EffluentNetwork


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