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If you would like to get in touch with Troy James Exposed for ANY reason, please use the form below.

We accept any and all information in regards to Troy R James, and encourage ANYONE who has had a good experience / made decent money through being involved with Troy in any way to PLEASE get in touch!

We also welcome and look forward to communication from Troy James’ lawyers.  (Haha yeah, right Troy)

Equally, if you have been ripped-off by Troy James, by any means, such as product non-delivery, or investing in non-existent Amazon stock, 360 cameras, video greeting cards,  multiple undelivered software products, the Purely Hosting rip-offMax Keiser  silver coins,  Bid Bullion,   various JV Partnerships,  Green Chum / CG Money Tree,  or even the  Significance TV Series Scam,  we’d REALLY appreciate YOU getting in touch.        Please Contact Us Below.

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